27/01/2015 10:32 GMT | Updated 28/03/2015 05:59 GMT

What Celebrity Big Brother Tells Us About 2015

If anyone wants to know what to expect for the rest of 2015 they just need to take a look at Celebrity Big Brother. Arguments galore, embarrassing stories and way too much airtime for Katie Hopkins!


Image: Trendi Nalia

This is going to continue throughout the whole of 2015 because after CBB we've got the General Election where the politicians will argue, the papers will print embarrassing stories and somehow this will result in a lot of airtime for Katie Hopkins.

After the General Election we'll have a new series of Big Brother which will have arguments, embarrassing stories and Katie Hopkins will be a hired guest for any Big Brother related TV Program.

After Big Brother we'll have another Celebrity Big Brother which... well you get the idea now.

It's kind of depressing knowing that we're going to have another year of Katie Hopkins spouting controversial opinions (which she makes up so that people will pay her money) all over TV, in Newspapers and online. I'm hoping that someone makes a TV listings guide which lists all the programs she's appearing on so I can avoid them!

The most interesting housemate in this year's Celebrity Big Brother, for me, has to be Perez Hilton. Yes, he seems to be hated and yes he is absolutely insane - but I love him! A lot of people seem to hate him but to me he's just like one of those kids that you remember from school (probably one of the kids called Tyler that Katie Hopkins hates) that you remember kicking over things, pulling everyone's hair and smearing poo on the wall. And you just thought "aww, it's just because your mum doesn't give you enough hugs."


Image: IDon'tDoSubtle

Maybe I'm a bit biased towards him because he seems to be causing real hate from Katie Hopkins (rather than the manufactured hate she usually feels) and I admit if I had to stay in the house with him I think I'd be begging Big Brother to leave, but watching the ganging up on him in the house is almost like someone kicking a puppy... admittedly one of those annoying little yappy puppy's that humps your leg and you really want to kick. But a puppy none the less.

After watching Big Brother, I have to wonder whether we've got it all wrong when it comes to General Elections. There have been debates about changing the way we vote in the past and there have even been debates about having debates on TV between the party leaders but they've missed an opportunity to really make a change in the way that we vote our new Prime Minister.


Image: Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

Electoral Big Brother!

All of the party leaders go into the Big Brother house and each week we vote for the candidate we want to keep in. What great fun would that be?

Think of all of the arguments Nick Clegg and David Cameron will have as they try to take their coalition into the house, imagine how fun it will be watching Ed Milliband fail to eat a bacon sandwich properly every day of the week and how good is it going to be when we finally get to kick one of them out of the house!

There'll be no need to read through manifesto's full of promises that they'll only end up breaking...and if there isn't any drama in the house after a few days we can send in Perez Hilton to spruce things up.

I might just contact Al Murray and ask him to add it to FUKP's manifesto for his general election campaign in South Thanet!