28/03/2016 13:37 BST | Updated 25/03/2017 05:12 GMT

Home Security Is Just One Click Away This Summer...

With summer fast approaching and warmer weather on the way, people will have summer holiday plans at front of mind - whether it's spending time in the garden, enjoying a barbecue, taking the family to the zoo or - the most popular option - taking a relaxing holiday to get away from it all. Unsurprisingly August is the busiest holiday month in the UK with more than 7 million people holidaying abroad and millions more travelling to holiday spots throughout the UK . However, as people across the country make their plans for the summer months, they need to ensure home security isn't an afterthought.

Holidaymakers' unoccupied houses immediately become a thieves' playground. Their homes become an attractive spot to those opportunist burglars as they know full well they won't get caught by the homeowner, who is currently thousands of miles away. Crime statistics in fact show that around 50% of burglaries occur when a house or flat is unoccupied . Police and insurance companies are also increasingly urging people not to advertise their empty homes online by posting holiday snaps on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. However, technology can actually lend a helping hand in keeping your home secure.

There's a few obvious ways of ensuring your house is kept secure whilst you're away, including making it look like it's occupied. You can do so with simple tricks including setting an automatic timer on your lights, ensuring your curtains are open during the day and making sure your post isn't going to be sat still on your doorstep and making it blindly obvious you're away from home.

Although these simple measures can certainly help keep burglars at bay, they're not always 100% secure. However, you needn't panic; with the continual rise in smart home appliances and gadgets that connect to the internet being introduced, we're now presented with technology especially designed to help keep us safe - not just online but in real life, too. With audio and night vision features built in, home security cameras allow you to keep an eye and ears on your home from almost anywhere in the world at any time throughout the day. There's also no need to constantly keep an eye on your home; the motion sensing features that are built in will alert you if it spots any movement, doing the work for you so you can fully relax.

These smart home cameras are becoming increasingly popular within the modern household, and are in fact currently one of the most popular smart home technology products that UK consumers are most willing to pay for . The excellent features that they offer provide those who are going on holiday with the complete knowledge that their home is going to be safe and sound so they can have a worry free time away.

Many of the newer home security cameras are now wireless so can be positioned anywhere and are also weatherproof so you are able to place them not only indoors, but outdoors too, meaning you can have complete visibility of what's going on in your garden and the surrounding areas of your home. Many even allow users to set motion and/or sound alerts to let you know if anything moves, so you can spot and catch out any potential intruders there and then!

Whether you're using a smartphone, tablet or computer, a click or two is all you'll ever need to check in on your home if you're using a smart home security camera - allowing you to really enjoy that relaxing holiday and know that your home is safe.