30/07/2013 11:31 BST | Updated 29/09/2013 06:12 BST

First World Problems, Benifits and Free Health

When I vote, I try to remove my leftist urges and look at the argument. Perhaps that very notation is actually rather ironically an act of a leftist mind; like a kind of politically interested scout, being prepared to see both sides of the point before making a decision. A psychology made popular in the book by the less favoured brother of the Hitchens clan, Peter and his broken compass. Such it pushes the political parties in Britain to borrow popular ideas from the lesser funded parties to regain those lost seats in counties that couldn't be more removed from the problem. Leaving the city politics of either party in a blurred mix of opinion.

If asked two years ago, I'd have been fully dressed to the left; I'd enjoy nothing more than to put in place the efforts of the right wingers, extremists or otherwise. Regarded in my snobbery as the name callers, xenophobic halfwits that evolved from the playground bullies.

But now, I realise that cast on the other far side of this rather dull, concrete grey political seesaw we have those stereotyped long haired soap dodgers, whom express a need for a society that rewards the lazy but punishes the tenacious. One thing is now clearly certain to me, both are as good as each other.

The NHS and the benefit system is often the topic that one expects to hear being tackled by every class level. Some hate them, others see them as a blessing. J K Rolling, as an example donated £1 million pounds to the Labour Party as had it not been for the benefits she received as a single parent, Harry Porter may never have had the chance to inspire so many of our children's nightmares and our own imaginations.

But then the summer riots of 2011 tell a different story. Many say that they're the product of an underclass created by the benefit system and for some animalistic reason, or urge, they masticated away at the hand that feeds them. Perhaps with so many of the world's expensive luxury's that all happen to start with the letter "I" they're confused as to why they can't have them, or perhaps they're advertised far too much and the poor eventually explode into a catalyst of hoodies and face cowls, where is the Batman when you need him?

Be that as it may, our English towns and cities housing estates, are not slums. We can thank the left wing thinkers for that. The Benefit system prevents crime most of the time, it could however, and certainly from a ring wing thought processes be a little more work focused. In Germany for example, you have to do at least one day a week community service in order to get your cash.

The NHS is excellent, and was certainly worth the celebration within the Danny Boyle opening ceremony, yet we love to poke holes in it (both the ceremony and the NHS it would appear). But at least we have a health service, you almost always find that the ones that moan about it most often, tend to be the ones that could cope without it financially; a rather snobbish display of first world denial.

Without both the benefits and the NHS we'd be living in a very frightening society, we'd have slums and diseases would spread amongst them and those unable to afford to even travel to see their nearest GP. We have it extremely good here in Britain, and sometimes you just have to ignore the politics tit for tat tactics, as that really is all that it is.