07/05/2015 06:39 BST | Updated 06/05/2016 06:59 BST

An Open Letter to the Non-Voter

Dear Non-Voter,

Happy Democracy Day!

Like you, many decades ago, people used to get their knickers in a twist and protest against the Lord of their land, who much like society today (or more commonly know as "the man") was constantly telling them what they could and couldn't do.

People were royally pissed off! They rioted, got arrested, killed and were killed over and over again. Just so they could collectively have a voice and a choice of how long they wanted to work, what type of silly hat their priests could wear, and where all of their taxes would get spent.

Corruption and disservice are common place within any ruling class or governing establishment. But before you decide to spend the day in bed avoiding that brisk walk of citizenship to the nearby primary school, take a look at the rest of the world.

In the West, do we have to bribe our police? Do we have to walk 30 miles to get clean water? Do our roofs leak? Do we get to chose the person that represents our voices on mass in government? Do most of us own our own home? Do we have to pay for cancer drugs which come with price tags of over £1000 a month?

If today you decided to stay true to your non-voting stance, please know that you're ridiculously ignorant to the reason you benefit from so many of the wonderful pleasures that our ancestry fought for, only now for your redundant, narrow existence to just sit back and enjoy your weekends, evenings, NHS, Food, sanitation and the seemingly endless supply of £20 notes you keep borrowing off your folks to pay for your mini alcohol addiction and reluctance to enter the adult world of responsibility. I really do hope that Time is not linear, but instead a flat circle and that when you eventually die, you'll be brought back to the 1400's. There, instead of enjoying the fruits of democracy you'll have feudalism and a life of serfdom to deal with.

But don't worry, you'll reach old age by 45 and die soon after from one of the many thousands of interesting ways one can meet their end in the 15th Century. Most will "snuff it" due to the lack of medical research where all funds were spent on decadence and the many wars our insanely insecure king would rage. Perhaps then, the giant spaghetti monster that's in charge of reincarnation will allow you to come back to our time where life is really, really sweet!?!

However, I wonder if then you'll decide to get up off your over fed, fat as Mc'life arse and vote?

Or will you simply remain one of our societies parasites, blinded within the joy you feel when posting on facebook at the end of each week "Happy Friday!!"