03/12/2013 05:15 GMT | Updated 01/02/2014 05:59 GMT

The Branded Brand Vs the Bourgeois Elite

It's hard to comment on something that's old news and still get your voice heard in this blogging sphere. There are so many of us now.. writers, journalist, doctors and celebrities. All with a voice, egger to expose our midnight left to right pillow thoughts to anyone, willing to read them, in this critical world of cynical writers that try to find words that rhythm.

The shit storms are always the most popular to stir such viral opinions. Take the almost recent one that involved that long haired cockney rock star comedian ex junky sex addict, Russell Brand. There he was, sat in some overly decorated cream hotel room with none other than political career crushing Paxman, the grandfather of belittling.

No doubt we have all seen the interview. And yes I agree, if Brand's career ever takes a skydive into the vat of unpaid tax bills or whatever else that might bring him back down to earth from his perpetual high, their certainly is a career in teaching passion to politicians waiting for him. The lucky sod.

Oh the shit storm that followed the interview. It was together dull and exciting at the same time. Genius really when you think about it; such bourgeois living, cricket playing types as less famous comedian Robert Webb, proclaiming the man "silly" and downright "daft" thus exposing him at face value, well done.

Of course, if you are the type to judge books by their elaborate covers, you certainly would think that the man's verbiage was nothing more than over baked vomit. The type you find discussed on the equally over the top sofas of the rich and famous at the parties that no doubt, you'll never get an invite. As when there is nothing else to talk about among the uneducated, they always revert to philosophy and politics; how cute the simple minded types are with their funny haircuts and empty rants!

Had Brand attended one of middle England's elite and finer colleges, he'd have learnt long ago that such care for the poor or the needy was done by the other people, you know the ones; they own caravans and go on holidays in the new forest. They also have tear ducts and those other things, what they called again, oh yeah, hearts.

Ironically those that ridiculed and mocked Brand for his wide eyed thoughts and wishes of rebellion, with their £3000 a term educations, unfortunately have been shut away behind large oak doors. There, protected from the real pains of life; people fighting each and every day to make sure that the gas doesn't get switched off. What's that you say? You have to pay for gas! Such struggles are a million and one miles away from the Henley Regatta. To them, it's all about staying in line to a system that, thanks to the elaborate education, spoon feed to them since birth, renders them unable to question such "perfect" systems.

Brand and so many other voices that have risen against capitalism will unfortunately continue to be mocked for their outlandish ideas. And whatever you personally think of the man, yes, he is worth millions and many would certainly see this as hypocritical, such as that voice of righteousness The Sun. The tabloid with the reading age of 8 Branded Brand with 20 reasons why he's just an over thinking clown that enjoys the sound of his own voice.

The 1% does exist, and there are millions of people in this world that suffer so that they can get richer and richer, if you fail to be angered by this, then simply go back to your cricket and afternoon tea. But rest assured, if history has taught us anything, never underestimate the people, and never read books by their covers.