01/03/2017 09:22 GMT | Updated 02/03/2018 05:12 GMT

Why You Should Study The Map Before Visiting Cornwall With Children

In some English seaside holiday counties it doesn't matter all that much which town you stay in. For example, the Isle of Wight is small enough that you will never be more than 20 minutes from a beach and you can't drive for more than an hour unless you get lost or stuck behind a tractor.

Cornwall is completely different and in terms of land mass is nearly 10 times the size of my beloved Isle of Wight. So, it is worth spending 10 minutes studying a map before booking your holiday and hoping you can explore the whole county.

Let me give you an example. You book a holiday in Bude. You've heard it's a pretty seaside town and it is in the East of the county so it is a fair bit easier to reach from somewhere like London or Bristol than other parts of the county.

After you've unpacked the travel cot and eaten your organic porridge you set off to see Lands' End.

After the first hour's driving, things are getting a little tense. The battery is getting low on the tablet and the Frozen soundtrack has started skipping in the CD player.

After another hour you've arrived (assuming there aren't roadworks or jackknifed caravans) and all is well with the world, until you realise that you've left teddy behind...

All in all, a round trip from Bude to Lands' End will take you four hours which may not be especially welcome after you've spent the previous day in the car.

So, if you want to explore the whole county I would consider somewhere a little more central. It's still a lot of ground to cover in a week but a base around Newquay or a quieter resort nearby is a safer bet. The centre of the county is also better for visiting the Eden Project, which remains one of the county's biggest attractions.

Alternatively of course you might want to head for the Lizard Peninsula, either in the town of St Ives or one of the many coastal villages. It's a colossal journey from London (about 5 hours by car or train, on a good day), but it's a more remote and rustic experience than the flumes in a Newquay holiday park.

Just don't attempt a day trip to Bude...

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