02/10/2013 13:14 BST | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

Don Jon - The Review

Contains possible spoilers

If Joseph Gordon-Levitt looks rather cocky and arrogant in new movie Don Jon, he has every right to.

As a porn-addicted alpha male who loves his car, mates, family, church and whichever girl he pulls that night, he dominates every frame he's in. The fact he also wrote and directed the movie is testament to the fact he's a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood at the moment.

One of the key strengths of the film is the casting. Aside from JGL as the eponymous Lothario, Scarlett Johansson is perfect as the er, perfect 10 love interest, all curves and gum-chewing attitude, while it's good to see Glenne Headly back on the big screen as Jon's mum.

Julianne Moore never strikes a false note in any movie, and here she's excellent as the pot-smoking, emotional student who has a thing or two to teach her fellow pupil about love.

Tony Danza, yes the 70s and 80s TV star, is also good as Jon's dad, though there are times he veers into stereotype territory.

Wittily written, snappily paced, and making the most of a modest budget, DJ is a full blooded, explicit comment on a generation of men who identify with point and click exploitation rather than warm blooded contact.

Though perhaps 10 minutes too long, it doesn't outstay its welcome; there's a character arc here to explore, and while it takes longer to resolve than necessary, when the eponymous hero finally realises why he can't emotionally connect to his small army of lovers, the inevitable conclusion is worth waiting for.

Like the similar Michael Fassbender critics-pleaser Shame, this is not for the easily shocked, but it is hugely entertaining.

Don Jon is a Tony Manero for the generation, and while his moves tend to be more X-rated than Travolta's 70s and 80s alter ego, I can imagine JGL is going to cause a little night fever around the UK on whatever evening you see it.