28/08/2014 09:49 BST | Updated 27/10/2014 05:59 GMT

Lucy - The Review

It's 20 years since I've seen a Luc Bessonfilm as enjoyable as Lucy.

The French movie mogul created two of my favourite films in Leon and Nikita, but in the years since then his output has been erratic to say the least.

I loved The Fifth Element, despite the fact it was ruined by Chris Tucker, while his take on Joan of Arc was flawed but intriguing.

The rest barely made a dent on my memory, though his Transporter and Taken productions were okay.

But with Lucy - a mix of Trancendence, Akira, The Matrix and Limitless, he's hit the jackpot.

Scarlett Johansson has already featured in two of my favourite movies of the year - Her and Under the Skin - and here she is on top form as the eponymous American forced into a lethal courier deal by her scumbag boyfriend.

Kidnapped and implanted with a synthetic drug, she's beaten up and there's no surprise when this mule is kicked, the drug bag bursts inside her and Lucy trips into super heroine territory.

Morgan Freeman does his effortless mentor thing as the professor who provides the exposition needed to colour in Lucy's rocky ride from sexy overseas protagonist to brain fizzing, light popping, energy sapping goddess. Operating at 100 per cent of her brain power, it's inevitable this is not going to end well.

Yes, we've been here before with Phenomenon and the aforementioned Limitless, but while both suffered from damp squib endings, Lucy is a gloriously over the top sci fi epic which is a thrill ride, especially in D box.

Besson is a movie maestro when he wants to be. I'm thrilled to see him back on form.