07/11/2014 07:48 GMT | Updated 06/01/2015 05:59 GMT

How Dapper Laughs Has Got It All So Wrong

So I have actually sat through an episode of this guy's show. I know some friends of mine potentially worked on this show, so I'll keep my opinions on that quiet and instead focus on the 'character' himself, which I presume he engineered on his own. First of all, I'm not against this kind of person being explored in comedy. For example, the Dapper Laughs-esque character was done so much better by Leigh Francis years ago. Because the joke is on the character -

What my biggest problem is is that there is no redemption with Dapper Laughs. He never puts himself in any situations that undermine him. That's a big problem in comedy and I think a big underlining statement about the real man behind Dapper. He clearly sees this guy as extension of himself.

It's obvious he's happy to promote misogyny and general twattishness because he is now a wealthy, 'successful' entertainer. He's living the real-life Dapper Laughs lifestyle, methodically. It gets him laid. It gets him paid. It gives this ordinary bloke easy fame. He is morally bankrupt as a result of it, but then are so many reality TV 'stars' these days so why should *he* care?

Of course, we - the Twitterati and co - care, because we do not want his target demographic - young men - to think the way he acts to be either acceptable or funny. It just undoes all the hard work we've done as a society to try to promote equality. And this is why he is so offensive.

Dapper Laughs has already made it impossible to parody this character 'cos he's already done something that is the worst it could be. Even more depressing is that he could so easily have been something funny and good with few changes. Had the joke been on him, not women.

I had the idea to do something similar as a guy called Absolute Playa. But he was a begfriend, wannabe media socialite, who would try to impress girls with how many Twitter followers he had, rather than the size of his girth.

The joke being this he was so desperate to look cool, that in these attempts to do so, he would look completely stupid but deep down, you knew he meant well - he was just yearned to be liked, like we all secretly do.

Dapper, on the other hand, in his Vines and now TV show, creates a world where nobody is given a right to reply. There is no empathy, there is no redemption to explain why he is such a massive bellend. He just is. And that's probably because his creator is too.

The sad part about all this Dapper Laughs business is that, after all the online thinkpieces (including mine), he will be even more famous than he was before this Christmas album/Shelter business kicked off. He'll be "loving this", no doubt.

Why wouldn't the likes of ITV2 want to keep promoting a guy who clearly knows how to get the liberals knickers in a twist and also entertain the naive and impressionable young men who will lap up his sexist and offensive piss-taking and be the same type of kids who buy novelty Christmas singles from Bob the Builder because it's "banter".

What a horrible indictment of modern life.