13/05/2015 05:11 BST | Updated 12/05/2016 06:59 BST

Your 10k Training Guide - Part Two

So you are over half way through your training for your Race for Life 10k and everything has gone perfectly to plan. Every kilometre you've clocked has been integrated into your schedule seamlessly and each run has been met with glorious UK sunshine...

If this doesn't sound like you though, don't panic! As with most things in life, the best laid plans rarely go exactly as you'd like them to. Running is no different and I want you to know that that's completely normal. It's the accumulation of small changes that can add up and make a big difference. These changes could be little things like:

- Setting your alarm an hour early to get up and kick start your day with an early morning run

- Turning down a couple of drinks after work in favour of an early night so that you can wake up fresh and ready to take on your scheduled morning run. Yes, I know that this may initially draw gasps of horror from colleagues, but they'll get over it. In fact, somewhere deep down they'll begrudgingly respect you for it

- Utilising your lunch hour to exercise, even if it's just a quick 20 minute workout. The endorphin rush will leave you feeling infinitely better and your productivity levels will soar upon return to your desk

- Cutting down on the numerous hours unnecessarily wasted slouching on the couch eating comfort food. Instead, utilise your free time with a workout, followed by a healthy, nutrient-rich smoothie.

- You'll look and feel better

In the words of Harvey Mackay, 'Good habits are as addictive as bad habits and a lot more rewarding'.

Admit it though - you're enjoying your new status as a runner. You're enjoying the progress you've made so far. You're enjoying the renewed focus this fresh challenge has provided in your life and how every pound you raise through sponsorship will help Cancer Research UK fund life saving research into all 200 types of cancer.

Lacing up your shoes gives you a sense of empowerment and a sense of belonging amongst your new-found fitness family. Keep up the good work and if said good work has been minimal, then it's not too late to get this show on the road!

If you've not made as much progress as you would have liked, don't be discouraged. Old habits don't disappear overnight though; just ensure that you are striving to move in the right direction and taking it one step at a time.

Running a Race for Life 10k for such a worthy cause will be an amazing achievement in and of itself, but how great would it be if you could implement these positive changes and carry them on, long after the race is over? This October, the first Race for Life half and full marathon will take place and may be the next challenge you're looking for. Just remember, consistency is key. 10k is in your sights - go and chase it down.

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Rory Knight is a trainer for Kiqplan, a personal training app designed to help walkers, joggers and runners of all abilities complete their 5 or 10K races. The Kiqplan app uses information from your smart phone or activity tracker to create a personalised training plan, send you workouts, step targets, nutritional advice and motivational tips.