27/01/2017 09:23 GMT | Updated 28/01/2018 05:12 GMT

'Just' A Healthcare Assistant

I am aware that I did not go to university to become a trained nurse but one thing that really grinds my gears is when an ignorant Issac or a stuck up Sally says to me - 'oh, you're 'just' a health care assistant'.

Well, yes I am a health care assistant. I currently work in a GP surgery but I was also an employee within an NHS hospital for many years. I love my job and am proud of what I do, it gives me the opportunity to help people and truly make a difference every day.

HCA's work under the guidance of amazing trained nurses and doctors, our job is far from easy and sometimes I don't think we get enough credit for what we do.

I recently saw a viral Facebook post from a staff nurse, Charmaine Briggs and I loved what she wrote, really sticking up for us all. Over the years I have been on the receiving end of some demeaning comments and dirty looks, all because I am not a 'trained' professional and apparently all we are good for is to 'wipe arse' all day. I also believe the media can be quite harsh on HCA's.

As a HCA/auxiliary nurse/nursing assistant, we are the staff who are on the front line, getting to know our patients and genuinely caring for them because we want to (let's face it, we're not only doing it for the money!)

Yes, we may deal with poo, wee, blood and every other yummy bodily fluid on a daily basis (it's not a job for the faint hearted) but this does not bother me one bit. I am just glad I can be there to assist a poorly patient in need, delivering care with respect and dignity. I may need somebody to change mine or my loved one's incontinence pad one day and I will always remember this. Everybody should.

We are the staff who spend the most time with a patient and observe them 24 hours a day. We work long hours day and night with sometimes twelve or more people to look after. There are always a million and one jobs to do and call bells constantly ringing but we will still be there to listen and to comfort somebody scared or upset. If you are ever in hospital, I bet it will be the HCA you'll see the most of and who will comfort you if you need it. The nurse wants to of course, and sometimes can but they are usually far too busy and under so much pressure with paperwork and drugs to be given out.

We have all been shouted at, called horrible names, even hit and kicked and seen some of the worse and saddest situations imaginable, not to mention looked at more private parts than a prostitute!

As a HCA we have held the hands of a person taking their last breath. We have comforted grieving families.

This isn't a a post to get sympathy or to moan (well you could say I have ranted a tad!) But it's to raise some awareness that we should NOT to be looked down upon. We are kind, caring individuals who absolutely ROCK!

Now this is going to sound cheesy.. But I believe doctors and nurses are absolute superheroes and every hero needs a sidekick. As Batman would struggle without Robin, they would certainly struggle without a healthcare assistant. You get the jist!

Till Next time,

Roxanne x

(fellow trusty Robin of the healthcare industry)