09/01/2012 11:00 GMT | Updated 10/03/2012 05:12 GMT

UK Ones To Watch for 2012

Here we are, at the start of the final year of our lives. Now, whilst the heavens begin to open, traffic lights start to go rogue, and Satan ascends the fire laden stairway, a plethora of good music is set to be released, ready to soundtrack our final moments.

Below are a handful - order not withstanding - of British groups, who we feel deserve a place on your stereo/iTunes/blog this coming year. Granted, they won't all achieve major 'chart' success, but as is becoming clearer with every X Factor-laden number one, chart and success no longer have any correlation.


Daughter - Run (demo) by ohDaughter

I first heard Daughter in a church, in Shepherds Bush, a fitting venue apt for carrying her hauntingly beautiful vocals. Because, Elena Tonra has one of those strikingly poignant voices, one where each vowel and consonant stabs and hits you, right THERE. Until you're knocked sideways. Daughter have already released a couple of EPs, which are available on their Soundcloud.

For Fans Of: Laura Marling, CocoRosie, Regina Spektor

Gross Magic

Gross Magic first arrived on our radar back in the Summer of 2011, during which we feel they've been painfully overlooked. Channelling the energy of a Kurt Cobain on psychedelics, debut single Sweetest Touch packs a punch that deserves to be played on volume 11. Pick up their debut EP, Teen Jamz here.

For Fans Of: Black Lips, Nirvana


Low by Fanzine

Transported via a time machine, Fanzine sound like the audio wet dream of every 90s fan. Sure, the influences of Teenage Fanclub are worn on their sleeves, but when the music sounds this good, who cares? Fresh from a stint supporting Yuck around the UK, the band released a 7 inch vinyl for single 'Roman Holiday' before 2011 was up.

For Fans Of: Teenage Fanclub, The Dandy Warhols, Yuck

King Krule

If by now, you don't already know about Archy Marshall and his - matured way beyond his years - vocals, then welcome. You're in for a treat. Formerly known as 'Zoo Kid', Archy and his band of troubadors featured on a Huffington Post Top 5 UK artists back in 2011. Back, and repacked with a new name and full band set-up, King Krule are set to make 2012 their year, with lead single Noose Of Jah City representing a slice of welcomed throwback ambience.

For Fans Of: Jamie T, Billy Brag