05/10/2017 09:26 BST | Updated 05/10/2017 09:26 BST

Is It 'OK' For Men To Wear Face Masks And Pedicure?

It's a resounding yes from me...

This year I've worn dozens of facemasks, had several spray tans and a couple of cheeky pedicures too. On occasion I've sat in the bath eating pizza surrounded by candles watching Mrs Doubtfire and Bridesmaids.

I'm a straight man, albeit incredibly metrosexual, I have fairy lights adorned around my homemade pallet headboard, pink paisley bed sheets and I'm proud to say Notting Hill is my all time favourite movie (closely followed by Anchorman).

Many of my 'lad' mates will say their favourite movie is Die Hard or Rambo, but give me Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts and a love story set in a North London bookshop any day.

My granddad was a burly farmer, my dad a wrought iron welder and my uncles are hardy country bumpkin carpenters, and then there's me; a man who feels more comfortable warming up the audience of ITV's Loose Women than he does operating a hammer.

So why are you so in touch with your feminine side Mr Hand?

Well, I have three older sisters and my mum was a primary school dinner lady. During my early years I'd spend most days after school in the kitchen listening to mum's dinner lady mates talking about sex, men and bingo.

As a young man I was Master Fake Tanner in our house, and I applied that St Tropez sunshine onto my sisters' backs before their nights out. I was also the 'doll/guinea pig' when my sisters wanted to play dress up.

Up to this point I sound like a fully qualified lady, but here's the revelation...

After getting kicked out of lower sixth 'a women/witch' from the job center, 'told/forced me' to get a trade and become a carpenter.

It was a cold February in 2005 and I was laboring outside in the baron Irish wilderness helping build a log cabin. I was sporting a pink and blonde dyed fringe, dressed like someone attending London Fashion Week. I looked least like a builder about to eat his 10 o'clock tea in a Transit van.

It was a short lived career and not long after I decided to swap tools for TV and began an 8-year career working for BBC Northern Ireland, where I'd learn about TV and Radio production, a journey that eventually guided me towards showbiz, stand up comedy and TV presenting.

However throughout twenties (in between freelance BBC jobs) I had stints back 'on the tools' working for my uncles in exchange for cold hard cash (weekend drinking money). I've always had the ability to turn on the 'man-factor', operate a power tool and apply brut force, but it's never been my preferred vocation.

My point is men have changed; 20 years ago men were embarrassed to wear hair gel. Now I'm not saying we're going to rush out and start getting Vajazzled - but we're more in touch with our feminine side now than ever before. Some men even get their eyebrows threaded (not me, I prefer my bushy Liam Gallagher-esque floating caterpillars).

To the builders, farmers, fishermen, road workers, and to all the other labor laden lads, or to the fellas in IT or to those in office jobs suited and booted who're yet to indulge; slap on a facemask, light some candles, hell get a massage, a manicure or even a pedicure. There's no shame in it, you'll feel fantastic and as they say in a famous shampoo advert "Why, because you're worth it"...

There are times in my life when I become a raging bull of a man (use your imagination ladies) - insert winking face emoji - and times when I become effeminate and embrace the sensation of having a Himalayan Charcoal Glow Mask spread across my bake.

Lads, there's literally nothing to worry about, but if you start developing PMS please seek medical advice