31/08/2012 05:10 BST | Updated 29/10/2012 05:12 GMT

Rubbing Shoulders With Er Those Much Bigger Than My Own!

They say that if you want to be achieve something and be like someone, then you need to start hanging out with like minded people.

Not a problem !

Well, as if I needed any more encouragement than that to surround myself with ripped bodied hunks eh?

So while I was doing some research into body building events up and down the country, I found one right on my mother and father's doorstep - Gravesend.

I couldn't drive home quick enough.

And there were my parents thinking I was being such a thoughtful daughter going to pay them an impromptu visit 

Well seeing that I intend to enter a fitness competition next year, it made sense to go along to one of these events to find out exactly what I am letting myself in for.

So at the weekend I took myself to the United Kingdom Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (UKBFF).

I almost didn't get in because I thought I'd be able to get tickets at the door.

I mean I didn't really think it was going to be a sell out. Surely only a few people are interested in body building right?

Well, I thought wrong and was almost turned away for not having a ticket.

But the Gods must have been smiling down on me, because a women with extra tickets was standing within earshot of my conversation with the ticket office so was happy to sell me hers.

Fiasco and a few sweats over, I took a walk around the crowded venue before taking my seat in the main room.

My eyes almost popped out with all the testosterone walking around both on and off stage.

Big, lean, muscley bodies everywhere, whom I had to give a wide berth to so they could just walk past me.

Ok, so it felt like I was in a sweet shop, but my true reason to be there was to see what the female competitors were like.

You see it's all very well getting advice from people about how to reach my goal, but I believe the advice I will get is from a female competitor will be invaluable.

After all, they are doing what I am going through and will be doing when I compete next year.

The UKBFF hold qualifying events throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Members can then qualify for the UK British Finals which is held in October each year.

There are many categories open to female members including, Women Bodybuilding, Athletic Fitness Women, Ladies Bodyfitness, Ladies Fitness and Ladies Bikini Fitness.

I never knew there were so many categories but it was reassuring to know that you can choose which category you want to enter and of course there are steps to progress.

The ladies Bikini Fitness is like the entry level to these contests. But do not be mistaken that these girls are just glamour models.

Oh no. These girls still have immensely lean bodies, with a very low fat percentage and are muscular in appearance.

However, having said that I did see some girls on stage that I thought could have done with a bit more toning.

It was only after speaking to the seasoned event goer next to me did I realise that some girls think that the Ladies Bikini Fitness is the easy category to get into.

But the judges are harsh and the results speak for themselves when they didn't pick these girls to enter the finals.

Ladies Fitness, Ladies Bodyfitness and Athletic Fitness Women categories were very interesting.

These girls had amazing bodies without looking masculine. They looked super toned and a bit like the women you would expect on a fitness cover.

Competitors in the Womens Bodybuilding category as you can imagine, consisted of much bigger girls.

You could see each and every vein in those girls I can tell you! Fair play to them I thought but it's not a look I am going for.

No, my vision of my body is more of an athletic fitness look but I think I will start off in the bikini fitness category and work my way up.

Luckily I managed to grab a quick chat with a competitor in the Bikini Fitness category who said she would be more than happy to give me advice and tips on achieving my goal.

So my new friend is Sian Toal, who is a fitness professional and pretty much took the fitness world by storm in 2011 by winning Musclemania European Bikini Champion, Open Female Fitness Model Champion and Overall Bikini Champion categories.

She actually came second and qualified for the finals that will take place in October later this year and was ecstatic when I met her.

Unfortunately we only had time for a brief chat and we had to end our conversation but not before exchanging phone numbers.

She was off to celebrate having qualified and said that she would be in touch so that I could bombard her with all the questions I had about body sculpting.

And who could've blamed her for dashing off to that well earned glass of vino, after 12 solid weeks of disciplined eating eh?

Well it's no time for me to celebrate yet as I walked away pondering how I would celebrate a possible victory next year.....