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Life After Paris, Syria, Turkey and After So Many Other Innocent Lives Lost...

Fear: it spreads invisibly and silently. Being at a concert recently, it became really clear how Paris has affected us all, even when we think it hasn't. The first thing we noticed was that it took incredibly long to get into the venue. Why? The security check was understandably tight.

Fear: it spreads invisibly and silently. Being at a concert recently, it became really clear how Paris has affected us all, even when we think it hasn't. The first thing we noticed was that it took incredibly long to get into the venue. Why? The security check was understandably tight.

It dawned on me how quickly we forget, as we hadn't even thought about it. Seeing the security measures, that changed instantly... enter 'Fear'. We remembered... and we knew everyone that had gone through security remembered as well. You can feel how that changes the energy completely.

You just can't help but imagine what happened in the Bataclava, the restaurants, and I couldn't help but feel a lot less excited about the concert. It becomes even more real and close to home, standing in front of that stage. You do look around more and at how others are behaving. You realize that everyone in that venue now has it in the back of their mind and they are deep down on 'alert'... that invisible fear has struck. You realize that the band will have thought of it, all the staff and everyone else that works at the venue... Life has changed forever.


It took a long time before the band came on stage and they are known for starting early. We talked about it a bit and after a while we got over it. At least we thought so... Once the band started playing they really took time to bring positivity into the room, to change the energy and we all ended up having a great time... until the very end. At the final song, there was a big bang and confetti was sprayed into the crowd. The bang itself scared a few others and me, but only briefly. Unfortunately for my Bestie and me, at the same time the confetti came out with a big bang, a big part of the ceiling came down ad well and swooshed past my head, but it hit my friends back.

We didn't realize what happened first, what was it that just hit us? Sudden confusion kicks in, fear kicks in even more... then I saw a big part of the ceiling behind my friend, and ( as in slow motion) I looked up and saw a big hole in the ceiling right above us... another board was possibly also going to come down... and for a split second I expected gunfire to appear from that hole above us... and I had to really hold myself to not panic... But fear was just rushing through my body. I had never expected that that would've come up on that night like it did and in the severity it did. Nor did my friend.

We delivered the part of the ceiling to security and shocked moved away to the back of the venue, away from possibly another part of the ceiling coming down or whatever else would happen. We actually wanted to leave. I'm sharing this because whether we like it or not, Paris, Syria and all other recent events have affected us all, and more then we would realize or would like to admit, the fear has been planted in our subconscious and that seed is secretly sprouting, it rises it's head when an unexpected moment triggers it (I certainly hadn't expected my own reaction nor did my friend). It is already holding us back subconsciously... and we won't know until it enters our conscience.

So, how do we tackle this invisible enemy? How do we resolve it before it takes charge of not only our subconscious but out conscience as well? It is as sneaky as the people that have put it upon us in the first place. How do we prevent this from spreading and can we return to not having this fear triggered in ourselves and in our fellow humans? And if we truly believe that everything has a reason... how can we make this serve us rather then paralyze us, hold us back and rule our lives?

The answer is quite simple: Use fear as fuel for positive changes in your life, by making fear a powerful tool to create a bigger and better life. Since Paris, I have wanted to live more, I have wanted to love more, I have expressed who I value in my life more, I have done things I was holding myself back in (for whatever reasons or beliefs I had built up) Paris has pushed me to follow my dreams more and it therefore has made me come to life more. Embracing fear and using it as fuel for positive change allows you to use it as the tool it was originally made for: to protect you and keep you safe (let's be grateful for it) and then to allow you to become more alive, more brilliant, more creative, more fun, closer to your dreams, more loving, more sexy, more YOU, more fearless, more caring and more of everything that you'd forgotten.

It has given me stronger boundaries and it's made me waste less time on things that do not suit. If I can make these changes and use fear as fuel for change, then you can too. If I can spread that and inspire you all to do the same then those who have lost their lives have given us a beautiful gift, purpose. That's how we tackle this invisible enemy. By living and loving more in our own lives and spreading it from there on. That's how we bring down those that secretly attack us... It needs you to consciously choose to do so though and it needs you to make real actual changes. It's great to talk about it and meditate about it, and we need to keep doing so but what we really need is real action in our own lives... what we need is to rule out that fear, as that makes them win. That's what they want...

Yet without actively creating 'peace and positivity' in our own little circle on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, at work and in our families, with our friends and in our neighborhoods, if we do not confront those that have done us wrong fearlessly, then HOW do we make the leap to doing that in our world, how can we expect to unite countries and governments if we are not unifying them in our own circle.... and not for just a day or two of peace and positivity. That doesn't mean you cannot be angry or hold anyone responsible that has violated you as a person. That too is needed... it's not either or, it is both.

Post your pictures or results of how you are using fear for positive change at #fear2power. Soul Coach Sacha Knop transforms bad energy into energy that works for you so you can fly on a daily basis.

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