14/04/2014 07:36 BST | Updated 11/06/2014 06:59 BST

My Feelings for My Underwear - Who Knew?

Pre Christmas I decided to have a turnout in a bid to hit the New Year a fresh, and I mean business. It's all going: five unimpressive foundations that I kept 'just in case', a mini pink Filofax from 2008 - why? And a swimsuit I last wore in 2009 that springs out either a boob or a bum cheek if I move too quickly. God, I feel fantastic. I'm moving on, I'm making way for an awesome 2014 and I feel a wave of karma wash over me knowing that The Salvation Army will think I'm the Evita of South East London.

Then I hit my underwear draw, oh - what is this feeling? I cast my eyes over the blues and black suddenly feeling my cutthroat attitude go out the window. As I touch the different fabrics a sea of memories transport me to a sentimental zone that nothing else in my room has, even photographs. Each garment is a piece of me at different times in my life, all the sides of a woman concealed silently in a draw and I instantly feel fiercely protective of all of them.

There's a gorgeous strapless basque, knickers and suspender belt from 2005 that I refuse to part with, you don't need to know why, a blue silk set which I bought for a trip to New York with a new boyfriend - absolutely zero chance I could get a leg in the knickers now but no, they're staying, my Sunday cottons which I adore, and my apple catchers that no one will ever see, but look oh-so charming under everything. Christ, I love my underwear; it's an essential fabric of my life experiences.

They're all in there ready to play whatever role I need to get through my day: the best friend, lover, shoulder to cry on, a wake up call. Underwear is like Prozac for your bits without the side effects. It empowers you, soothes you, stands up for you, and supports you; if clothes are your armor, then your underwear is the faith that holds it together. We can transform our figures through our underwear to suit our moods, lives and unique personalities.

I love also it when underwear is just for you, silently under-cover protecting whilst projecting the best possible version of your individuality to the outside world. Who knows what mood you're really feeling underneath your blouse? I sometimes wear black lace under a simple tee while writing at home because I feel snug knowing what's bubbling below. The support of a great bra gives you confidence and strength, asking nothing in return: they are the gifts that keep on giving. Can you imagine your day without a bra? I'm pretty ample in the cup and let me tell you - my outfits wouldn't stand a chance without the steady foundations of black brilliance keeping my jewels in order, no way.

As I complete the inventory of my undies I feel really emotional, emotional that something I wear everyday could conjure up such strong feelings and memories I hadn't thought of in years, in such detail; these sets were a pivotal part to those moments in time. And now that I am ready to embrace a new chapter of life, I close the draw and scrapbook of memories knowing that if I really want an overhaul - I need new underwear for my journey. Nothing says a new era like a fresh set something black and lacy. Then I will be ready to take on the world in glorious style and make some new memories - sexy or ambitious, my undergarments will support me every step of the way.