27/05/2014 11:00 BST | Updated 21/07/2014 06:59 BST

St Rocco's and Penketh High School Team Up for Charity

You may have been told before that the best reason to study for your exams is that it is fulfilling, teaches the value of work ethic, and prepares you for the dreaded 'world of work.' But when you have a team of teachers this dedicated to making lip-dub parodies of popular songs, why would you not study?!

Last year, the head teacher of Penketh High School made headline news with his version of 'Gangnam Style,' which accrued over 300,000 views on YouTube (you can enjoy the video here )

But now, with the help of St Rocco's hospice, Penketh High School staff have taken to the streets once again, to perform their take on Pharrell's 'Happy;' a song that begs to be performed with silly outfits and bad miming.

As a result of the consistently hard work of this local high school, the internet has been gifted with another astonishing video, which is sure to distract essay writers and exam preppers the world over. Penketh High School, we thank you for your effort, and the reward it has delivered.

'Happy' by Penketh High School can be viewed here:

Head teacher Ben Dunne is the successor to Penketh High School's last head teacher, and wanted to make a video to rival the 'Gangnam Style' efforts of his predecessor. Mr Dunne said that "Our pupils have worked so hard again this year that we had to follow up Gangnam Style with something amazing in order to recognise the hard work that staff and pupils are putting in to ensure even greater success this coming summer. We are delighted that the film will be used to support St. Rocco's Hospice, a charity close to the heart of our school and the wider community across Warrington."

It is hoped that the views online will help to generate significant funds towards the vital work of St Rocco's Hospice, with the charity looking to generate another £3 million this year. The charity explained that "This creative and innovative campaign will generate much-needed income to fund the care and support we deliver to our patients and their families. Over the years the care we offer has developed and grown. We care for up to ten patients on our in-patient unit, provide therapies and treatments in the day care unit, and even provide care at home through care in the community services.

"The Happy Campaign is an exciting new one-off for us, and we can't thank Penketh High School enough for making this happen. We hope this video puts a smile on the face of everyone who views it!"

So to honour those that have worked so hard this year already, take a break from your exam revision or writing up your dissertation bibliography, and take a few minutes to enjoy the insanity of it all. Better still, you will be helping out an excellent cause in the process!