27/10/2015 13:47 GMT | Updated 27/10/2016 06:12 BST

Five Ultimate Halloween Costume Cheats That Everyone Should Know

Fancy dress not your bag of bogey themed candy? Just can't be bothered with the planning and expense of it all? Well here are the ultimate and the cheapest fancy dress cheats that will see you through this horror-ble weekend.

1. The Pumpkin


photo credit: Pumpkin-Carving Contest at VFS via photopin(license)

Put on some fake tan and grin all night.

2. The Dead Fancy


photo credit: Brains via photopin(license)

Get some fake blood/ketchup/jam - don't forget cranberry sauce works well for brains or mangled insides and you can save the rest for Christmas - and put a bit on your face. You can wash it off after about half an hour. You can even go all out like this lady and put grey eye-shadow on your face and eyebrows.

3. A Mummy


photo credit: via photopin(license)

Go as a mummy: an actual mother. If you have kids already you are sorted.

4. The Mask


photo credit: Scream via photopin(license)

The Mask is a great film but unrelated. Save on preening time and wear a mask to your Halloween party, this can be paired with any old outfit. The Scream mask is the most popular but if you are low on funds just print out a picture of anyone's face and celloptape it to your head.

5. The Night Mayor of London


photo credit: [22.365] sphere-itize me, captain via photopin(license)

The Night Mayor is being introduced to support nightlife in London which totally means vampires and stuff and no one knows what they look like as they haven't been chosen yet so no dressing up required.