Halloween Costumes: Done Cheap and Done Well

01/11/2012 14:22 GMT | Updated 01/01/2013 10:12 GMT

Last night, as others around the country dressed up as scary vampires and skeletons, I dressed up as my mum. Sourcing the costume was easy enough, and involved a brief foray into her bedroom cupboards. The end result was uncanny. Had it not been for my facial hair, which I decided to keep now we have entered 'Movember,' I would have been a dead ringer for Tracey, 52.

Costumes are notoriously expensive, as one lady revealed to me today. She spent well over fifty pounds on her two children, Zack 9 and Aaron 7. They elected for a prisoner and Dracula outfit respectively. Each to their own I say. Granted, the Blue Peter enthusiasts out there would no doubt be able to create costumes using resources of the household. A simple black bin liner can be used as a scary cape, and an egg box can be fashioned into a mask (with enough effort). However, those that have the extra disposable income, well the sky is your limit.

Celebrities took to Twitter to demonstrate their affection for the holiday. Jonathon Ross splashed out a fortune on turning his house into the ultimate celebrity Halloween party. This is something he does every year. I am left to wonder on Halloween, why it is so popular? On paper the reasons are simple: kids are given license to dress up, eat sweets and be mischievous. Yet I think what sets this holiday apart is the grown ups involvement. Nostalgia guides us adults, and gives us the confidence to dress up and play child. Times are tough, and Halloween offers that elixir of escape.

I dressed up as my mother, and in doing so: saved some pennies, got some laughs and made people feel awkward. The very definition of a good Halloween costume!