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Back-to-School Trumps Blogging

Tuesday September 4th, 2012

Mabel's first day of 8th grade today, and all went well. The days leading up to today were full.

Finding a few minutes to type isn't easy.

Anyway... first, some thank you notes.

1 Glenn. None of the Edinburgh trip would have happened without you. It was your idea, and the fact that you have a decent job with a regular paycheck, meant that we were able to afford to produce again under the Snapdragon Theatre banner. You kept me going when things got rough. Ladies and gentlemen, here's a guy who is midwestern (Scandinavian) to his core and would rather do just about anything instead of handing out postcards to strangers.

Yet day after day you'd be out on the street handing out those show flyers and saying nice things about me and 'The Property Known As Garland'. Not only that, you'd often run lights and sound for Snapdragon Theatre's other show, the one I directed..... '21A'.... sacrificing your time and energy for your wife of 30 years is one thing..... sacrificing your time and energy (on your vacation) for a virtual stranger to do his one-man-show, is quite another thing. Yet time and again you'd walk 20 minutes to the '21A' venue, hand out cards for that show, run lights and sound and walk back to the flat. You did that for me, and I know it wasn't easy. Thank you.

2. Janet Oian, (my mom) who sewed the fancy red costume I used and also stitched the table cloth that fit snugly over two small aluminum tables, to form a 'dressing table'. My mom has been sewing costumes and outfits for me since I was born. She's an excellent seamstress, and I've collaborated with her many times. My favorite sewing story regarding my mom, is the time she actually finished my 8th grade sewing project for Home Ec. And was pissed off when she only got a B. Or should I say she was 'righteously indignant? (she took 'short cuts' though, and that's not allowed in Mrs. Farden's Home Economics class). Thanks for sewing the Judy Garland costume mom, I know you were up late for several nights in a row stitching it together, (Dad told me). I got many compliments on the outfit, you did such a beautiful job.

2. My sisters Karen Nelson and Marie Larson, who helped with rides and parents. There are an awful lot of logistics involved in our being gone for a month... especially if you've got a child. Thank you both for sacrificing time and energy to help me pursue this dream.

3. Leonard and Rhoda Bernstein. Also willing to help out with rides, but going way beyond that. Opening your home to my family in such a loving way. You are both so thoughtful and empathetic. We're so lucky to have you as friends. (yay) Thank you.

4. Raye Birk and the Actor's Workout. Raye you are an excellent acting coach and teacher. The environment you've created with the ongoing scene study class you began at the Guthrie, is one of inclusiveness and camaraderie. (and hard work) Your input and creativity shaped the show and gave me the roadmap I needed to navigate Billy Van Zandt's play. Thank you. It was so helpful to get encouraging emails from fellow class members too. It meant a lot to know that there were people back in Minnesota cheering on the effort. Thank you all.

5. Mark Copenhaver. BEST SOUND DESIGNER IN THE TWIN CITIES. full stop. Thank you for being so meticulous, and such a good friend.

6. Phyllis Wright, Tom Winner, Foster John's, Tom Michlitsch. You guys did the voiceovers for the show and besides being really great voice talent, (and great actors) it was like having you in Scotland with me. I loved hearing your voices every day! Thank you!!

7. Tom Michlitsch. You get mentioned twice because besides doing a voiceover, you also designed the postcard (flyer) that we handed out, AND the poster that we used at the Edinburgh Fringe. You are a talented graphic artist and a good friend. Thank you.

8. Laurie Beth Fitz. You did all the 'heavy lifting' the first time around. Talented and intuitive, you were invaluable and fun. That's important..... to have fun. I promise I will never ask you to work on another printed program...... ever. Thank you for all you've done.

9. My friends who've seen the show and been so supportive of this effort.... Lois Kauppila, Mike Marcotte, Barbara Shelton, Brian Motiaytis, Jon and Deb Peterson, MaryJo Pehl, Lorna Landvik, Lora Oberle, Susie and Bruce Bekkerus, etc. etc. ..... Thank you big time.

10. Mark Hooker, of Brazen Theatre, who handed me 'The Property Known As Garland' script a little over a year ago and said "You're going to be really good in this." Thank you.

I'm sure I've forgotten someone, but something like this is never a solo undertaking. More Edinburgh details tomorrow, but I wanted to make sure I got some thank you's in.