25/09/2015 10:24 BST | Updated 24/09/2016 06:12 BST

Less of the Mature Please...

I started university this week, I am now officially a student (go me). There I was at thirty-nine years old stressing about what to wear for my first day at school. I had no idea what to expect, the last time I was in an academic setting it was my daughters parents evening. The last time I had been expected to learn was errmm twenty something years ago.

What do I take, what will I need?  My daughters advice of a pen and pencil in my blazer pocket didn't help, not only because I wasn't actually going to wear a blazer.

Honestly I was a mess, nerves on overdrive. What were my tutors going to be like, would I get on with the other students?

As I first pulled onto the car park at the university I was in awe, the place was incredible . Already I was waging a bet with myself about the number of times I would get lost.

The corridors were filled with students my daughters age, I was seriously waiting for one to call me mom. There must be more mature students like myself, PLEASE. Mature that's an oxymoron in itself especially as I was walking along the corridors singing high school music "we all in this together" (don't ask, I'm not sure how my brain got there).

Finally I found my classroom, no let's rephrase that I found my lecture room ( get me) and I got to meet my lecturers and fellow students. Thankfully they are all mature like me, of course this doesn't explain our true mental states just the fact that we are older than the norm. They all seemed rather nice and friendly. We had the general let's get to know each other hour and realised that between us that we have a wealth of experience. Please read that as we are knowledgable and have diverse skill sets not just old.

Then it was time for us all to enrol, a conveyor belt of efficiency. Forms signed, finance checked, photo's taken. Besides the normal cringe worthy identity picture all went well. There was an awkward few minutes when I was asked "Was this really the last time you studied?" but hey I do have a lifetime of experience.

Seriously though as first days go I had an amazing time. I cannot wait to start learning more on my subject, the curriculum looks fantastic. The tutors I have seem lovely and have a lot of experience and understanding in the field.

Still just being there at the university filled me with hope and excitement, it was a long held dream finally coming true, see Disney does get it right now and again. I am so excited to take the first step towards my future.

Yet the highlight of the day must have been when I was approached by a young man who asked me if I was coming to the Freshers Foam party.Go girl, yes he may have been on the student welcome team but he still asked, right?