02/08/2011 10:11 BST | Updated 02/10/2011 06:12 BST

Arcade Fire: C'est Magnifique!

Well hello there! And welcome to The Huffington Post, or "The Huff" as it will henceforth be known in my little section.

So I am here to blog about all things Entertainment and Style. I'm a bit nervous as I have never really considered myself either entertaining OR stylish but I'm certainly good at passing judgement on people and things that think they are so here goes:-).

I thought I would use this first post just to introduce myself and explain what I'm all about. We'll treat this one a bit like a first date. So there will be no hanky panky. If we get on and see each other again then maybe, just maybe, they'll be a bit of fumbling and maybe a little snoggette and then if that goes well, and we're still getting on like a house on fire, and if you treat me nicely and call me when you say you will, then, perhaps, I might....y'know....

Put Out. Maybe;-).

I tell you who is Entertaining and Stylish: The Arcade Fire, that's who. I had the good fortune to catch their Hyde Park show last night and it was ROCKIN'. There is just something about the Canadians I LOVE. Especially the French ones. They have all the best characteristics of both nationalities. The laid back loveliness of the Canadians and the groovy creativity of the French.

Lead singer/accordionist/percussionist/keyboard player and all round coolest chick on the rock block Regine Chassagne is the kind of girl I'd like to be friends with. She wears cute,sparkly tea dresses onstage then totally rocks her little sequinned socks off like some kind of art rocking paradox. And she's married to The Leader Of The Pack, Win Butler.

Forget those dreary, macrobiotic bores Gwyneth and Chris; Regine and Win are the coolest rock couple on the block....without even trying. They are Effortlessly Groovy. And they're definitely on my dinner party guest list. Better get out my French phrase book;).

And now onto parties of an altogether different vibe....Tomorrow I am off to my first ever civil partnership ceremony. It's going to be fabulous DAHLING! I am wearing an entirely High Street sourced outfit accessorised with an amazing green suede Dior bag that my dear friend Camilla gave me. I tried it on to get the boyfriend seal of approval last night and we both agreed that Dorothy (Perkins) and Christian (Dior) make a fabulous couple. Here's hoping that their chaperone (me) doesn't embarrass them by drinking too much champagne and stacking it on the dance floor whilst dancing to Chas 'n' Dave.

And on that note, I shall take my leave of The First Post. It would appear I made it passed it!

It's Gin 'o' Clock people and there's a Tanqueray out there with my name on it. I hope you enjoyed our first date and that you call to arrange to see me again: I'll be waiting by the phone;-).

Love, Sarah x