20/08/2013 14:14 BST | Updated 20/10/2013 06:12 BST

I Am an Actress - I Also Happen to Have Down's Syndrome

I'm supporting Mencap'sLearning Disability Week (19 - 25 August). The charity is calling for people with a learning disability and their families to share their stories and is asking the question; who is your real-life superhero?

My Mum is My Super Hero

My name is Sarah Gordy and I am an actress. I also happen to have Down's syndrome.

I was in the show called Upstairs Downstairs, which I loved. It was a drama series on BBC One and it was on from 2010 to 2012. After the series I got to appear on TV chat shows and talk to newspapers in the UK. I've been in TV dramas, short films, radio plays and on stage.

I am lucky my mum is just right for me. I love to hear stories about when I was little and look at pictures. My mum did massage on me when I was a few days old and exercise has always been part of my days.

Mum found out I was not using all vitamins in my food so I take pills and I learned nursery rhymes for my little grey cells! I am lucky that we had a swimming pool in the garden when I was little so I swim like a fish. My sister Catherine is 16 months younger than me and the best place for making cakes and stories was the kitchen table. We made plays for our parents and did dance numbers. My sister is wonderful.

At school I was good helping kids on stage so I always got a part in plays. I am happy acting and helping.

My mum is my best teacher - she helps me become a character and learn lines. It is hard learning lines but it is worth it. My friend Susan Brown played my mum in Peak Practice; she then played Mistress Quickly in King Henry IV and I went to see her. Before we went my mum taught me about King Henry IV parts one and two. It was my first time with Shakespeare. I loved it so much and after the show I talked to David Bradley and Michael Gambon. David is my favourite - he said I understood. I now have 41 Shakespeare DVDs.

I have a web site with professional stuff on it if you like I will be doing a lovely thing on TV soon but it is secret still.

When I want to work at something my mum says "I will see what I can do." I love her.