11/11/2014 12:10 GMT | Updated 11/01/2015 05:59 GMT

Cool for Kids

As someone who still tends to dress like an oversized toddler, I truly appreciate a good childrenswear collection. With Christmas coming, I have a few kids to buy for so I've been taking a look at what to get some of my favourite little people - Silas and Clem, no peeking! :)

These three adult brands - Black Score, Jack Spade and Kate Spade New York (the latter two thanks to a new collaboration with GAP KIDS) - do brilliant clothing for children that means those of you who like to mini me with your kids can do so without looking weird. Well. Less weird, anyway.


Black Score

In the same was as there are some kids who can tell you everything about every footballer who plays for their favourite team or sing along word-perfect to every song by Taylor Swift, there are also fashion kids with blogs, instagrams and vlogs who know their Pixar from their Prada. There are also just kids who couldn't care less about clothes but like cute animals. Enter Black Score whose handmade, hand-illustrated basics reference fashion and pop culture in a fun way that kids and their parents can both appreciate. Oh how I wish they did that top left 'Chanail' sweatshirt in adult sizes... (NB. they do do the other one as a T-shirt). Available in ages 2-12 years although babygros are also available. Prices from around £25-£38.

Black Score children's designs are available exclusively from Selfridges whilst their adult designs are available direct from


GAP KIDS x Kate Spade New York

Taking Kate Spade New York's signature quirky uptown girl style and translating it into little girls clothing has worked really well. Cutesy bow and polka dot prints are adorably pretty and the girly styles are very much like that of their womenswear. I take slight exception to the amount of pink involved but I guess that's what a lot of little girls are into so hey ho. My absolute favourite thing about this collection is the accessories and I am beyond gutted that these christmas bow ballerina shoes don't come in adult sizes. I'm totally getting that striped bear-ears phone case and the gift bow headband though (which also comes in other colours) - headaches be damned. Do check out the candy striped tights too, also sadly only in kids sizes. Prices from £12.95 - £74.95.

GAP KIDS x Kate Spade New York collaboration collection is available from selected GAP KIDS stores and from


GAP KIDS x Jack Spade

For me, the boy's collection is definitely stronger than the girls collection and any mothers looking for non-pink options for their little girls should definitely take a look at this. The camo designs in particular seem totally unisex and very, very cool. I love that there are matching pencil cases and backpacks - luggage is something the Jack Spade menswear brand is, quite rightly, well known for - and the goggly eyes shirts and hi-tops are too cute. The tech accessories are another standout, particularly the burger iPad cover pictured above. Prices from £12.95 - £89.95

GAP KIDS x Jack Spade collaboration collection is available from selected GAP KIDS stores and from