05/03/2013 18:09 GMT | Updated 05/05/2013 06:12 BST

Gifts Not to Give Your Mum This Mother's Day

There are always so many pieces around at this time of year advising on wonderful gifts to spoil your mum with this Mother's Day so I figured I'd do something else this year. Here's a few tips on what NOT to give your mum this Sunday, unless you want out of the will.

The one thing to really remember, whatever you decide to do for your ma is that it's not about how much money you spend or making grand gestures - it's about showing your appreciation and love - so try and make it as personal as possible, whether that's replacing her favourite perfume or candle, baking her a cake or just taking her to the cinema and spending some extra time together. Whatever you do, just don't get her an iron...


1. Kitchen Appliances

I remember a friend who lived with his parents once buying his mum an iron for Mother's Day. He had to learn to do his own ironing pretty swiftly afterwards. Mother's Day is not the time to remind your mum how much she does for you by upgrading her equipment - this is a time to thank her, and give her a time out. Food prep gadgets are the only possible exception here, if they've been requested or your mum loves cooking (although a lovely planter full of herbs or a chilli plant make for much more thoughtful gifts), otherwise best to steer clear.

2. Re-Gifted Presents (Unless You Know For Sure She Didn't Give Them To You In The First Place)

This is self-explanatory and is a good rule to live by for any present-giving occasion. If you're having a family get together, also check any gifts you plan on re-gifting didn't come from anyone else who may be in attendance when they're opened. Not just poor form but they'll just buy you something they'd like themselves next time it's your turn too, to make a point, so you'll get to feel small and silly twice. Don't do it.

3. Easter Eggs

Just because your mum likes chocolate and Easter Eggs are in the shops, this does not make them a good present, even (or especially) if they're 3 for £1. Move along. There will be perfectly lovely giftable choccies but a few shelves away (I highly recommend the gooey gorgeousness of Charbonnel & Walker Sea Salt Caramel Truffles if you need any ideas).

4. Garage Flowers

Quite why garages still even stock flowers is beyond me. It's the most awful present that's actually worse than no present at all. Garage flowers are never an acceptable gift. Never. If the only place you can get to really is a garage, you'd be better off grabbing a whole bunch of magazines your mum can browse through while you make her tea and apologise for your slackness.