08/05/2017 06:21 BST | Updated 08/05/2017 06:21 BST

Ignoring The Gluten Free Market Is Absolutely Quackers

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Cyril the coeliac duck hates bread. He's surrounded by it on an almost daily basis. Countless well-meaning passers-by chuck huge lumps of the stuff at him and he smiles politely, to the extent that his beak allows, declines (because it will make him ill), and goes about his day, hungrily. He doesn't think his food rut will ever end.

But then, standing on the bridge over his beloved pond, he spots his favourite type of person; someone who knows that bread is bad for ducks. Along with his friends, Sophie and Sam, Cyril flocks to this well-informed maverick who is generously doling out corn, grapes, lettuce and peas - all things that ducks love and can safely eat. This man, is part of something that's going to change the world, the Gluten Freevolution.

You see, Cyril isn't alone on the gluten free diet, far from it. In fact, he's part of a market worth £100million a year and made up of more than 1.3 million people, and at least one duck. Cyril isn't afraid to praise the people who provide him with safe gluten free options, and he certainly doesn't mind spending his hard-earned money in establishments where he's enjoyed himself and eaten safely, and to which he's become loyal.

Cyril is representative of a very real, and very large group of people. These people want to see gluten free on more menus, especially in independent establishments. They want to see gluten free options, whether packaged or fresh, in every venue where you would expect to find their gluten containing counterparts. They want different types of food to be more accessible to those on the gluten free diet, especially Asian cuisines. And they want eating out, or on the go, to be an easier, safer, and more rewarding proposition for every person in the UK on a gluten free diet.

Despite the light-hearted nature of the Gluten Freevolution, there is a very serious message. People diagnosed with coeliac disease need to maintain a strict gluten free diet for life if they are to avoid complications such as osteoporosis, infertility and although rare, small bowel cancer. This isn't simply a food choice.

Don't delay, get your duck flag flying today and become part of the Gluten Freevolution. We need quacktivists like you to help build a better world for people on the gluten free diet. So, waddle over to the Coeliac UK website for an intro-duck-tion video from Cyril and his friends, and find out more about coeliac disease, the gluten free diet and the future of the food industry.

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