27/01/2014 10:00 GMT | Updated 29/03/2014 05:59 GMT

Is Beyonce's Butt Too Bootylicious for TV?

It's one rule for Beyonce and another for everyone else.

Or is it?

Queen Bey has gone and outdone herself with her latest performance at the Grammys by gyrating against her hubby Jay-Z while wearing a thong leotard for a risqué rendition of Drunk In Love.

The question is can we really handle all that jelly that she has?

Clearly not.

The outcries from angry parents have come in thick and fast. But I can guarantee that you'll find very few men who are complaining... it's the ladies with perhaps a touch of the green-eyed monster.

Oh dear.

Yes she is a mother, perhaps she should 'know better,' but Beyonce's an artist and should be able to express herself how she likes.

Let's not forget Pink, also a mother-of-one, was up in the rafters wearing a leotard for her acrobatic performance of Try and Give Me A Reason. Legs akimbo, the 34-year-old didn't leave much to the imagination either and her butt made an appearance too. But strangely enough that seems to have gone unnoticed.

Like Beyonce, Pink has worked incredibly hard for her post-baby body, and now looks fitter and stronger than ever with her athletic physique.

Beyonce, 32, is also an 'If you've got it , flaunt it' kind of mum, who has made no secret of how she has punished herself in the gym to drop her baby weight - and is now proudly revealing the results of her labour.

In true Beyonce style, the southern belle was never going to let it all hang out. She kept on a pair of her favourite tights that have been part of her style since her Destiny's Child heyday.

So why are we hating on her? Is it because we secretly wished we had the confidence to pull off her racy look and rock it too? She's inspired me anyway - and as part of my dry January challenge, I'll be putting myself through the paces going to a Beyonce dance-workshop. But I doubt I'll be wearing a thong out raving though.

Beyonce's dirty-girl costume is her way of showing serial butt-flashers and single girls Rihanna and Miley - that whatever they can do, she can do better.

So is it because Beyonce's a mother that we are outraged?

Some of the Twittering parents do have a point though. I also wouldn't want young girls to look up to this image of Bey in a thong and see it as something to aspire to.

She looked pretty awesome in the white cut-out floor length frock she rocked on the red carpet which she could have stuck to for her Drunk In Love performance, although it could have limited her twerking ability.

Maybe the Grammys should be clearer with the dress code next time the invites go out: no mum bums allowed.