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Brits 2013: How to Get Revenge on Your Ex, by Taylor Swift and Rita Ora

IF you're trying to get back at you're ex for dumping you, don't look to Harry Styles for inspiration.

IF you're trying to get back at you're ex for dumping you, don't look to Harry Styles for inspiration.

Call it nerves, perhaps because his smoking hot former flame was in the audience, but the One Direction star didn't exactly go crazy, crazy, crazy on the stage at the Brits 2013 during their performance.

I've seen him jump higher, get the crowd more pumped, but it was really the giant game machine they were dancing on that got the audience hyped. Yes, they're the world's biggest band, but to rest on your laurels on the night the entire music industry was watching was not the best move.

Talking of moves, it was Taylor Swift who set the bar in the sizzling performance stakes. Wo, mama, someone certainly grew up overnight.

Now, that's how to get the world at your feet, even Robbie Williams was drooling and said: "She's fit", after she performed Trouble.

In a simple, but oh-so-clever strategy, she shed her butter-wouldn't-melt country singer image and off came her white bridal frock as she stripped mid song to reveal a black lacy all-in-one. She stunned her fans as she showed off some bedroom moves cavorting with strapping male dancers that would certainly make Harry kick himself for letting her go.

Smart chick.

Harry, to be fair, did look cute after bagging loads of hair products from Fudge, the official hair care partner to the BRIT Awards and wearing a sharp jacket chosen by his stylist Caroline.

Harry was not the only one trying to spruce up his look, as Muse rocked up and cleaned up for their opening set with products including Fudge Skyscraper and Hair Shaper, which frontman Matt Bellamy even took home for fiancee Kate Hudson.

Meanwhile Rita Ora deserved a medal for her fashion forward moves to make her ex, er, sock designer Rob Kardashian, regret ever breaking up with her.

Getting dolled up to the nines with the help of Fashion Fair (Delita also did my Brits make-over as I joined the Webber Shandwick table, lucky me), Rita was red carpet ready.

The singer was without doubt the toast of the Roc Nation party as guys sent over bottles of £300 a pop Armand de Brignac champers for her in the VIP room at London's swanky Hakkasan restaurant.

The likes of, JLS, Tinie Tempah, Fazer (Tulisa, who?) were hanging on her every word.

At one point Fazer even got his phone out and was typing away. The pair were later spotted looking at Brits stats on their phones... As you do.

Rita was in a room packed with London Fashion Week models and even Alexa Chung, but she still held her own as men gravitated towards her. No wonder she's so hot right now.