12/11/2013 12:40 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 18:56 GMT

Why Miley Cyrus Is the Future of Pop Music

If I were Rihanna, I'd be very worried right now.

While Riri has been busy posting explicit selfies and going back and forth to violent ex Chris Brown, another Queen of Shock has come up and bit her on her Bajan behind.

Step forward, Miley Cyrus.

As if writhing around half naked with married musician Robin Thicke wasn't wild enough at the MTV VMAs, the teeny bopper has only gone and outdone herself, lighting up what can only be described as a 'suspicious looking cigarette' in Snoop Dogg's favourite weed smoking stomping ground, Amsterdam.

Funny that she chose the MTV European Music Awards on Sunday night, to light up a 'joint', on stage while a latex-clad female dwarf spanked her. She knew millions of viewers would be watching at home, shocked at what had become of the fallen Hannah Montana star.

However, behind closed doors, it was actually a savvy move from the former girlie girl turned wild child. Her don't-give-a-damn attitude is a carbon copy of Rihanna's style.

And let's face it, it has worked wonders for the Man Down singer.

Whether we like it, or loathe it, Rihanna, who makes no secret of lighting up dodgy cigarettes, putting up gun signs and singing lyrics 'mama, I just shot a man down', has made her career out of working the shock factor.

We've bought into it too.

She is arguably the most successful female singer since Beyonce and Lady Gaga. Up until now Rihanna has been the only female star to promote being a 'bad gal' and seemingly getting away with it. No wonder she was twitching nervously in her seat looking horrified (as did Will Smith's family lest we forget) in the audience when Miley twerked in nude latex underwear and suggestively caressed herself just months ago on stage with Robin Thicke. It was a move that put Miley with her shaved locks and lizard tongue, firmly on the map.

Another secret weapon Miley has, apart from her youth, is that at 20, she is five years younger than Rihanna, and shock, Miley is a pop star, who can actually sing.

My highlight of last week had to be Tinie Tempah's star performance at his Beats by Dre bash at London's DSTRKT club for his birthday.

Delivering hit by hit at the exclusive event with England Rugby stars and Emeli Sande, I'd certainly risk it for a chocolate biscuit to see him live again.

But Miley's vocals weren't half bad either during her live performance of Wrecking Ball on Sunday night.

While hotties including Katy Perry, Rita Ora and Ellie Goulding graced stage at the Patron sponsored event, it was Miley who everyone couldn't get enough of.

Partially because she nailed her performance, but mostly because she lit up.

Yes the papers will go mad about it for weeks, as will the online forums, but ultimately, just like Rihanna, she will be forgiven and has bought herself some precious time at the top of the ever fickle music industry.

Let's hope her journey doesn't include a trip to rehab.

Best put down those ciggies Miley, get back to making great pop music.

This ain't no Party in the USA!


Disney is going into overdrive in the run up to Christmas with Mary Poppins 50th anniversary double CD out on 25 November.

I joined the likes of yummy mummy Denise Van Outen at London's Bond Street store party.

She told me: 'Doing the mummy juggle is keeping me on my toes getting to Christmas. But we love Disney, and wouldn't miss this for the world.'

Saving Mr Banks, starring Tom Hanks as Walt Disney and Emma Thompson as P.L.Travers (Mary Poppins creator) hits cinemas this Christmas too.

Feed up the nippers with new Birds Eye Chicken Space Shapes and BBQ Bites to stop them snacking on pic n mix at the cinema.

I'm excited by them, completely natural, 100 per cent chicken breast, no preservatives either.

No wonder mums like Melanie Sykes are loving them.

And it takes a lot to tear me away from my beloved Nandos!