10/12/2012 12:29 GMT | Updated 09/02/2013 05:12 GMT

Why Cheryl Cole's Got the Look of Love With Whitney Houston's Favourite Dancer

There's something about Cheryl strutting down the red carpet at the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball.

I know that spring in her step.

After a tumultuous past few years, being dumped by US X Factor and now suing them for £1.4million in unpaid costs, you'd forgive her for not being too enthused with the sea of press waiting to grill her for every last detail.

But on Saturday afternoon, as I chat to Britain's biggest pop star just hours after the news broke of her new legal battle, she looks totally unphased. Glowing, even. I've got it in one, and doesn't she know it.

"You've got the look of love Cheryl?" I say.

"Have I?" She winks, flicking her L'Oréal preened ponytail and nodding at me knowingly. "Well thank you babe. . .Thank you."

Flashing those famous dimples she smiled the biggest grin with me backstage. Nothing else matters. It's got to be Tre Holloway who is to thank for that, the girl's got a gruelling legal battle in front of her for Pete's sake, but all she can see is love hearts.

Go Cheryl!

I couldn't be happier for her - she's landed one of the "nicest" and low key guys in the (dance) industry and Tre has become something of a rock to her.

He could not be more different from her high profile ex-husband Chelsea footballer Ashley Cole. He's a breath of fresh air, easy going and happy to take a back seat, and that's just what Cheryl needs. As well as being a pillar of support during her fantastic first solo tour last autumn with his dance expertise.

In fact, everyone who has ever worked with Tre has given him a glowing report - he's even got her boss and bestie Will-i-am's seal of approval, who reckons he's d-d-d-d dope, d-dope, dope, dope.

Even one of the world's biggest pop legends adored Tre. Intriguingly, Tre was one of the late Whitney Houston's favourite dancers while on her final world tour, and I hear was quite a confidante to the I Will Always Love You singer.

So Cheryl in fact has something in common with Whitney - they're both Team Tre. And after having her heart broken by her ex Ashley, Cheryl, 29, whose on tour with Girls Aloud next year will be pleased to know her American Boy is a one woman guy. (Don't let me down on this one Tre, I'll be coming after you...)

"Tre is old school. When he's serious about a woman, he's in it for the long-haul. Even Whitney or "Nippy" as her closest friends and family called her had a soft spot for him, he's always making sure everyone is ok. He's a true gent and he has swag, " a friend of the star tells me.

He's certainly put the twinkle back in the eye of fiesty Screw You singer, Cheryl.

I should know, after a decade of travelling around the world with her from her corn-row wearing disco dancing Sound of the Underground days to landing a posh gig with Will-i-am at Cannes' diamond dripping De Grisogono bash - she has never been happier.

She's secure with a man who is just her type in the looks department (ripped, and with a fantastic complexion), and I'll bet he's a good listener when she pops the kettle on for Corronation Street.

What more could a girl want?