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15 Reasons to Unplug NOW!

There is a cult of the virtual that has occurred and we are human beings and mustn't forget the art of being tactile and in the world more than we are virtual. Real connection is something that ought to outweigh the time you spend plugged into technology!

After reading this article probably on a smart device of some kind, you are going to have 15 reasons to put your smart technology down and unplug...but first read this, okay?

It's not that I dislike being plugged in, but as you see from my previous article on this subject there is a cult of the virtual that has occurred and we are human beings and mustn't forget the art of being tactile and in the world more than we are virtual. Real connection is something that ought to outweigh the time you spend plugged into technology!

  1. Your 10 minutes on Facebook that soon becomes hours on social media could be better spent de-cluttering a kitchen cupboard or wardrobe. 10 minutes of de-cluttering keeps your physical energy powerful and detoxed! De-cluttering your inbox just isn't the same as clearing your physical space, although important, just not as important!
  2. If you were to tally up the time you spend on your smart devices on an average day, reading, texting, browsing etc - you could choose to spend half of that doing exercise. A quick brisk walk, whizz round with the vacuum cleaner. All calorie burning, heart pace racing and muscle strengthening activities, AKA better for your health!
  3. If you have to hold your smart phone as if you don't you are getting withdrawal symptoms, then dial a number and speak to someone. Don't see what they have been up to on Facebook and be satiated by that!
  4. Saturday morning, you are both in bed...on the smart device, put it down and have some sex instead...apart from the obvious joy, the benefits are great including strengthening your immune system, stress relief and much better for your relationship!
  5. Meditate instead, connect to yourself and your greatness, plug into you first is my motto for overcoming the addiction to virtual living.
  6. Get on with something else that is productive for your business. I have done it where I pretend to myself I have nothing to write about, or I can't focus on my business so instead I will surf and tweet. It's a great ruse of looking busy but just a distraction so no getting lost in virtual worlds until you have done your good stuff first which is the 'stuff' that makes you money or has been on your to-do list for a long time.
  7. Take the kids out, yes the smart devices have become the treat in so many households. Instead put those jackets on and get out for the day!
  8. Find a recipe book, not a recipe online but from a book and cook from it. Yes the virtual world is full of people's ideas on what and how to cook and it is a virtual library but how long do you look at up recipes, and read reviews in comparison to actually cooking. Go back to the cook book!
  9. Shop on the High Street. It is easy to complain that your local High Street is dying, so shop there instead of online. I know online appears cheaper but by the time you have stayed in all day for the delivery that never came and the stress, it is far more cost effective to pay some more to have it on the day. Plus you are contributing to your local economy. A good thing.
  10. Read a book. There is still something wonderful about that new book smell and turning a page. It's an illusion that print is dead. Remember your online book is not one you can thumb through over and over. If you love a book you read online buy it for real...two tips in one here.
  11. Arrange a date with friends, but pick up the phone to do this of course. Get to see each other for real.
  12. Spend an evening a week learning something new at a local college and go pacify your years of wanting to learn how to speak Italian. Go and learn how to use a pottery wheel. Just go do something that takes you out of the need to sit and watch TV while playing on your smart device.
  13. Go to the cinema. Buy that popcorn that gets stuck to your clothes as you eat in the dark and when you leave the cinema you dissect the film and its plausibility just like a professional critic. Just pick one by name or by who is in it. Don't watch it online at home, make it an event.
  14. Make a commitment to buying a physical AKA real music CD a month. No downloads, the physical product. Read the sleeve and if you are lucky the words to the songs are included so you can sing along as you play it on your CD player. Don't digitalise it for at least a month! That feeling of browsing through racks to choose something is still a thrill.
  15. Play a board game with friends and family. Sounds rather old fashioned but you can still buy them and they are fun for all ages. If you play Monopoly make sure you are the banker...!

What reasons and alternatives to picking up smart devices and for unplugging can you give...please share in comments below.

Enjoy unplugging!

Sarupa Shah

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Sarupa Shah is an award-winning entrepreneur and mentor. She is the founder of The Soul Agency, working with entrepreneurs and leaders to instigate real change in our approach to modern life; putting consciousness back on the agenda. Sarupa speaks, coaches and runs workshops and study programmes across the globe which inspire people to tap into their own inner power. Sarupa is a published author of the no.1 best seller - The Art of Affirmations and The Heart Centred Entrepreneur and recently published, Mindfulness, your Business (all available on Kindle via Amazon) .

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