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Six Ways to Tell if it Is REALLY Intuition...

Gut wisdom can be recognised by fear, by competition, -that desire to be better than everyone and to hear that you are the most this that and other. Gut wisdom is also recognised by the complexity of response, the 'ifs and the buts' and the pages and pages of journal writing.

There is a lot written about intuition...and the gut feeling one gets.

The gut is where the mental and emotional bodies collide and rest and in a climate of great spiritual change which is heart led, this no longer fits. We have a heart, both physical and energy so why would it make sense to be 'gut-led'?

Time to thank the gut and introduce yourself to your heart.

Your heart energy is also known as the seat of your soul.The soul only communicates through the heart. It doesn't mean that gut wisdom is bad, it simply isn't the way forward in the New Energy and in being led by the gut you aren't being led by a higher vibrational aspect of you.

Gut wisdom can be recognised by fear, by competition, -that desire to be better than everyone and to hear that you are the most this that and other. Gut wisdom is also recognised by the complexity of response, the 'ifs and the buts' and the pages and pages of journal writing.

Another feature of gut wisdom because essentially it is personality based, is the separation from source it perpetuates and the illusion of spirituality it upholds. The inertia, the lack of commitment etc. justified by a message from the gut!

Intuition isn't an excuse to justify or validate behaviour that hurts self or others. Just recently I had such a severe pain in my head, thought I was going to be sick. I was at a spiritual retreat so knew it was linked to the process. I asked my intuition to tell me how to release the pain - I got no answer. I asked another question, which popped into my energy (intuitively of course), am I ready to release the pain. The answer I got was NO.

That NO wasn't my intuition speaking it was my mental body that wished me to continue feeling as bad as possible, so I could blame myself and be punished for something I felt an unnecessary responsibility for.

I resolved that energy within my personality self and then went back to my intuition for assistance on releasing the pain which by then was easy as I wasn't using the pain to remind me how awful I was.

REAL intuition is always about the CAN DO...and make it happen or better, never about the pain!

See how easy it can be to be sucked into the emotional or mental body, or both's response to our desire for intuitive guidance?

The emotional body has a desire to be loved, liked and fit in, so when it leads that is its concern, The mental body feels the need to protect and judge, so when it responds it does so from that point.

Think of them as acting heads of a company because the 'real' head was locked in a room and now that the room is no longer locked they aren't pleased as they do not want to accept the true power of the soul, they fear it may not be true and of course they fear their own position. Will they be needed? Of course they will as alignment of all aspects of self is what allows alignment with source.

In the video below I share how you can connect to the Heart AKA your soul and make the shift to heart wisdom.

How to REALLY use intuition as a tool in your business!

If you use intuition there is no need to think, get your answer and take action yet for most intution is actuallly their emotionally or mental body responding...or if it is intution the mental and emotional body are allowed to take over...hence the arguing with self...talking yourself out of things and simply standing on the same spot.In this video I share more about this and how you can learn to access your intuition more ppowerfully for your business and life...and why this is future proofing your business and life as we move forward in the New Era. Wacth, and leave me a comment and share the video too!

Posted by Sarupa Shah on Monday, 26 October 2015

So how can you tell if it is really intuition from your soul?


The answer when it comes is simple. A word or a short phase.


Action will be simple and not always obvious. A few months ago I was launching my retreats in Spain. I had fears on a personality level and all that usual stuff and when I asked my intuition for guidance on how to 'make these retreats' happen. I got a message to tell myself 'I love you' in the mirror daily. Personality freaks is that going to get people to sign up. I have to rise above that noise and just do it, or not, though I did. Retreat launch May 2015...was a huge success.


It isn't always what you want to hear, like the classic question is he the one...people ask that because deep down they want a YES! Sometimes it is a NO too.


It will never judge you or another.


It will never make it about another, no harm to others a fundamental spiritual truth. Even if you are asking about a situation with someone that isn't pleasant your intuition won't respond to you with things like, 'well by doing this you can hurt them the most etc.' Your intuition may suggest legal action and setting boundaries as there is nothing inappropriate about that, it just won't put you in a position where you feel like you can now get revenge!


If you are stuck in struggle and drama and feel trapped, emotional, angry, frustrated, no business, no clients, money running dry... and so on and believe you are intuitive, which everyone is, it may be a great indicator that you aren't really talking to your soul. Life will always have challenges for growth however your soul will give you the way out that is the most easiest and benevolent to self.

What else would you add to this? What questions do you have about 'upping your intuitive game?' Leave me a comment and share this post to help spread the word that intuition is shifting in the New Era and we need to make that change NOW not later.