The Best and the Worst of Genealogy Home Offices

The Best and the Worst of Genealogy Home Offices

Many of us who love and labor over our family histories, ancestry, and genealogy do so from a home office. In my case, early in my career I worked for decades in many different corporate offices for various companies and organizations. Now, for the last dozen or so years, I have found myself working from a home office. I can easily see that each has its own merits and sets of 'pros' and 'cons'. Recently, however, I got to thinking about what it was about my home office that could make it alternate between being so attractive and so frustrating at times.

So for your enjoyment and edification, here are my favorite and least favorite things about having a genealogy home office:


•You can have not only one, but TWO, lava lamps if you want.

•You never feel guilty when you 'borrow' from the supply closet.

•Every single one of the Post-It notes on your desk (and in the supply closet) are the exact size and color that YOU like!

•You can write everything you want in purple pen and no one will complain.

•The coffee in the coffee maker is always your favorite blend.

•You never have to use computer software or hardware someone in the I.T. department decides is 'perfect' for you, even if it drive you nuts!

•You can play your music as loud as you want and even turn on the Telly to catch those daytime cricket matches.

•The treat jar always has your personal favorite in it (except when the grandchildren visit).

•The 'office culture' allows you to use your Rolling Rock beer bucket as the wastepaper basket.

•You simply cannot beat the commute, especially in bad weather.

•No one will tell you to take down the jersey of your favorite sports star, even when it is Charlie Sheen in "Major League".


•There is no 'borrowing' of supplies from the office supply closet because you already paid for them all.

•When the office gets to be dusty, dirty, or downright manky, you cannot leave a note for the cleaning staff to get to it and clean things up a bit better.

•YOU are the Help Desk.

•You are Chief, Cook, and Bottle washer, so when the filing piles up - guess who get to do all the filing?

•When the office plants die, there is only you to blame.

•If the treat jar is empty, you better step on the scale ASAP!

•When the coffee pot is left empty, there is only ONE person to blame!

•Having a water-cooler argument with yourself about the latest football scores just isn't the same.

•If anyone ever says 'Hey, let's go out to lunch. My treat!' you still have to pay!

•Nobody, but nobody, ever washes out your coffee mug.

On balance, I have to say I have determined that home offices ROCK, no matter what the new CEO of Yahoo! might think.

What are you favorite and least favorite things about where you work? Let me know ....

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