12/05/2015 14:00 BST | Updated 12/05/2016 06:59 BST

Facing My Nemesis Carl Frampton

A week on and we now have the fall out from the fight of the century Floyd Mayweather v Manny Pacquiao. Five years in the making and perhaps almost past its sell by date, however that didn't stop people buying into the hype and paying crazy prices for their fight tickets. There was reports that tickets were changing hands for as little as $500 on the day. The touts must have been pig sick they didn't cash them in sooner.

A large percentage of the crowd were from Britain and it shows how dedicated the British boxing fans are traveling 5,000 miles across the Atlantic to watch a boxing contest that didn't feature a British boxer.

It's easy after the event saying I told you so, but I did predict that Mayweather would win the fight on points. He a different level and inside the ring he is a master of defense. Defense is something I try and practice from my days with Brian Hughes. The game is about hitting and not getting hit. Floyd isnt everybody's cup of tea but you have to take your hat off to him. He made Pacquiao look ordinary, injured shoulder or not.

So five years in the making I guess I have plenty of time to face Carl Frampton my Nemesis at Super bantamweight. For the record I like Carl and I respect his achievements in the ring. I always said that when he won a version of the world title I would box him. That the time would be right, now is the time. Well after traveling to Belfast to watch his last performance against Avalos I thought that we could make the fight. I want it, he said that he wanted it. Carl said all the right things and then it went to his manager/promoters to try and negotiate.

There's no punch without Judy and there's no Frampton v Quigg without Frampton or Quigg so for me it's a 50/50 pay day or 60/40 to the winner. I am not bothered where the fight takes place, I don't care who promotes it, I don't care what TV channel its on, I don't care who comes in the ring first, none of that matters. What matters is that the fans get the fight whilst it's a hot ticket..

Promoter Eddie Hearn offered Carl £1.5million guaranteed to box me and his promoter turned it down. Why? Because they think there is more money to be had. Carl - We are Super Bantamweights, where else will you earn that kind of purse. Your promoter didn't make a counter offer, why not? So go for the split 50/50 or the 60/40 split to the winner if you think you can win.

It's only my opinion but I believe that his manager and promoters are being greedy. It's the boxers that get into the ring and put their lives on the line. So my message to Carl is this. "Carl, tell your promoters and your manager to put their differences with Eddie Hearn to oneside, ask them to show you the emails to see what you could have had, if you really want the fight then tell your manager and promoter to get real and lets get the fight on once and for all."

Carl's manager, Barry McGuigan, disrespects my WBA world Title referring to me as a paper champ. He forgets that he was the WBA World champion. It's just another example of how unprofessional his team are.

I will be boxing on 18 July in Manchester and I will announce the opponent at a press conference in Manchester this Tuesday. I am moving on, I can't wait forever, I would love to box Carl to show that I am the best Super Bantamweight in Britain. In the meantime the clock is ticking.