How LA LA Land Tells The Perfect Story For Gen Y

How LA LA Land Tells The Perfect Story For Gen Y

So La La Land may not have won that Award at the Oscar Ceremony on Sunday night, but it sure swiped up its fair share of accolades regardless.

Though debates are ongoing about whether or not the movie deserves all of the hype and attention it's getting; it's safe to say that the film did do one thing for sure and that was inspire people to keep dreaming.

The millennial generation came under fire earlier this year after a viral video made its rounds online discussing the qualities and attributes of the Millennial generation i.e anybody who was born after 1984.

In the video it was discussed that the Millennial Generation have been taught to believe that they are special and can have anything they want (without having to work for it). This is often true, however, maybe these qualities don't deserve the bad rap that they have been getting.

For instance, in the movie La La Land our hearts were captivated by the story of two aspiring artists (an actress and a musician) who were trying to make their way in Hollywood whilst working tedious jobs and just trying to make ends meet. One of the many tipping points in the movie is the moment where it's leading lady, Mia, returns to live with her parents and surrenders to the fact that she may just not be good enough to have that wonderful, exciting and creative life she has always dreamed of.

Now the movie doesn't end there but let's pause for a second.

Mia, is like so many of the millennial generation; a victim of a big dream and humbled by having to move back home with Mum and Dad. Now, this is important and a huge wake-up-call to anybody out there with a dream; if you want to go out into the world and do something BIG then you will be humbled, knocked back and rejected. You may have to work a menial job for years on end and even move back home with your parents because you can't make rent. However, either way, would anybody want Mia from LA LA Land to settle for a life less than she has hoped for or would we have preferred for her to fight to the bitter end for even a smidgen of that life that she craves?

The answer is simple.

The movie concludes with Mia landing her dream job and becoming a hugely successful actress (along with one hell of a complicated and heart warming/ wrenching love story). She lands this job by singing a song many of us have become familiar with called 'The Fools Who Dream'.

So who are these fools who dream? Millennials of course. We have innovative ideas, big plans, star struck ambitions, savvy philosophies and oftentimes we have the smarts to go with it. We are very resilient and pick ourselves up easily and also know how to take time to enjoy our lives.

With all due respect to that viral video, I also believe that one thing Millennials could do with is a masterclass in perseverance, patience and hard work; but when it comes to dreaming and ambition, we've got that totally covered.

Here's to the dreamers.


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