21/07/2016 10:15 BST | Updated 20/07/2017 06:12 BST

Work Out with a Smile - The Essential Skincare Tips to Make Your Skin Feel as Good as Your Body 

Work Out with a Smile - The Essential Skincare Tips to Make Your Skin Feel as Good as Your Body

Summer is well and truly here meaning we're dusting off our trainers, mixing pleasure with leisure and looking for those top tips to give our skin that healthy post-workout glow. The weather may have caused us to believe summer's not quite with us yet, but rain, hail or shine you still need to take care of your skin before, during and after the gym.

During exercise we sweat and our pores open, which is brilliant for our skin as any dirt or impurities on the surface have a chance to exit. Forgetting to treat our skin right before and after a workout however, can lead to breakouts, clogged pores or sunburn- the last thing we need when we're feeling good for choosing a workout over a few drinks in the sun! 

I've put together my essential skincare tips from the start of your workout to the end...sorry team but the workout part is up to you... 

Pre-workout skincare

Before any workout, the most important thing is to ensure you have removed your makeup. 

Breakouts and blackheads often make those unwanted appearances on your face if you start exercising with makeup on.

On the go or dashing to the gym after work means it can be very difficult to remember to take off the makeup you put on earlier that day.

  • Quick fix- have some makeup wipes in your gym bag to make this pre-workout skincare tip part of your daily routine. 

A very close second for me is tying your hair back. Your hair produces a lot of oil which can be transferred onto the skin by continuous contact.


However wearing your hair in the same style for every workout can lead to breakages in the area where the hair tie lies. 

  • Quick fix- alternating how you wear your hair from workout to workout will protect those beautiful locks.

To end the pre-workout checklist, if you are exercising outdoors, it's important to wear a sunscreen with a light formula and a high enough SPF. 

 Why not try Calypso Press and Protect Sun Lotion?

During workout skincare

To keep skin healthy during a workout make sure you keep yourself properly hydrated by drinking enough water to replace the moisture lost through exercise. 

  • I'd recommend 0.75 litres for every hour of exercise.

Ensure you wipe down any equipment you intend to use with antibacterial wipes (sweating releases toxins and bacteria remember). They usually have these placed in the corners of the gym as a gentle reminder...

Finally, avoid touching your face or your body while exercising, to prevent the bacteria being transferred directly onto the skin.

  • Quick fix- throwing a clean towel in your gym bag will do the job. 

Post-workout skincare

After a workout, the choice is yours but the basics should never be forgotten, remove the build-up of bacteria and sweat in the pores by showering. I have recently noticed some people only wash the main areas where sweat has formed and then leave the gym, however I am not a fan. Not only may you miss parts of your body, but a shower after a workout ensures cleanliness which is key in terms of personal hygiene.

  • Quick fix- why not bring a spare change of clothes to feel fresh after your workout?

Finally, cleanse your face, followed by toner and moisturiser. This will help re-hydrate, soften and smoothe your skin. Try Re - Gen, Daily Cream

So exercise does wonders for our skin, acting as both a cleanser and an effective stress reliever. Just remember these simple skincare words of wisdom to reap those benefits! 

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