19/04/2017 07:59 BST | Updated 19/04/2017 07:59 BST

A Heartfelt Insight Into The World Of Infertility

For many people, writing becomes an outlet to help them deal with the trials and tribulations of life. As a researcher, I frequently come across many books that aim to shed some light on the infertility experience and whilst each one of them put their own unique spin on the experience, I was yet to be fully captivated by some of the titles I had read, until Moondance.

Diane Chandler stripped back the science behind infertility to highlight the harsh realities of infertility in her novel Moondance. Moondance takes you on the bittersweet journey of infertility though the story of Cat, a career driven woman and her husband, Dom who embark on the journey of trying to fall pregnant. Their journey takes them on a rollercoaster of intrusive medical investigations, the pain of pregnancy announcements and their fair share of relationship troubles.

From the get-go, I found Moondance to be a truly captivating page turner. Diane's delicate yet witty style of writing highlighted and addressed some of the frustration, hurt and guilt couples go through when on their journey of infertility. In addition, it perfectly captured the fears that are so commonly experienced. This novel also successfully portrayed the loneliness and despair that can be felt by those going through infertility, whilst the focus remained with Cat, it is fair to argue that Dom also felt hurt, at a loss and sadness though this journey; yet received minimal support. This indicates how men and their feelings can be pushed to the side-lines whilst embarking on this journey. - It would be interesting to hear Dom's side of events...

This novel makes use of a 'tell it how it is' attitude, which I believe has served it well. Not only does it provide insight into such an emotional issue, it can help break taboo that is so frequently associated with infertility. The novel was so intricately written on more than one occasion I felt as though I was part of their journey, at times you could feel the frustration and you could feel the hurt. Granted, the story is heart-breaking and without a shadow of doubt, a tear jerker; however, it does truthfully tell the story of infertility and how trying to fall pregnant isn't always simple.

In addition, the raw nature of this novel indicates the repercussions infertility can have on a relationship, which is commonly sugar coated. The ending was so raw yet so closely linked to a harsh reality that many couples so often face.

I would strongly recommend this book to anyone currently going through infertility and to their family and friends, as it will provide you with insight into a world that is so commonly kept hidden. Not only will it answer some of the questions you may have, it will also show you how things such as pregnancy announcements for example can impact those struggling with infertility.