12/02/2013 08:15 GMT | Updated 09/04/2013 06:12 BST

Seeing Neon Green - How to Properly Invest in Spring Trends

As a proud child of the 80s, the bursts of neon and pastel in the shops right now send me back to a time where my favourite items were a pastel, fruit-smelling Swatch watch and a Frankie Goes to Hollywood 'Relax' neon Benetton top. The adage 'what's old is new again' in fashion has much to do with nostalgia. But it also has to do with what works; and you have to admit, a little neon can send you off on your day with a spring in your step.

While fully embraced by brands for Spring 2013, the pastel vs. neon trend has been building momentum since last year. A few awesome trendsetters pulled off a neon green shoe or pink lip 12 months ago. Pastel was also popping up on nails; sometimes a rainbow on one hand.

So now that it's gone mainstream High Street, what's a girl to do? How do you embrace this trend (and others like it) without looking like a proper fashion victim. Here are a few tips:

Be frugal, but sensible. The challenge with trends is that once they have gone mainstream it's just as easy to go 'splurge' as 'super saver'... a Stella McCartney £1,000 neon jacquard blaze, for instance, versus a Forever 21 pair of neon earrings for £3.

Except, the fact is, most of us can't afford to be so blasé as to spend a tonne of cash on something trendy. On the other hand, sometimes we are so afraid of wasting money on a trend that we get something 'disposable' and waste it anyway.

I've often hauled items to the charity shops not because the trend had passed but because the item was so cheap I wasn't interested in keeping it. If it's a trend worth following, it will have some lasting power or circle around again, so don't spend beyond your means, but also don't get something too 'cheap.'

Use sparingly. There is a reason we often see this as a warning label on beauty and personal products! Fashion should come with such a directive as well. No matter how old you are (and the fact is a splash of neon or pastel works for young or mature) it's best to go with just... a splash.

Remember your style. If you wear a lot of scarves, buy a trendy scarf, if you don't wear platform heels, then don't get a pair in neon. Again, it's easy to forget that a trend, especially one that is about colour, doesn't mean forgetting what makes you comfortable.

Have fun! What would be the good of fashion if it didn't inspire us to change it up now and again. Even if you are a 'neutral enthusiast' or only go for black, it's good to infuse a little imagination into your wardrobe and mystery into your style.