11/10/2016 13:28 BST | Updated 10/10/2017 06:12 BST

How To Save (Some) Money On Beauty Products!

With the holiday onslaught, umm, I mean season, coming, I've been thinking on this topic for a while now. These tips are especially geared to the beauty-obsessed, but employed, among us, who don't have the time or the will to stalk social media all day long waiting for notifications of flash sales and the like. We're people, too 😉

Tip 1

Join rewards programs. Lots of stores and brands have them. In most programs, you earn points toward coupons or gift certificates every time you shop. You just have to be sure you're logged into your account before you hit that 'buy now' button. Sometimes they'll also send you a member card that you can use in store. Oftentimes, you'll also be eligible to receive member only discounts, advance notice of new products, and more!

Tip 2

Sign up for e-mailing lists. This is sort of related to tip 1, but it's definitely a separate step since getting on a brand's mailing list won't automatically enroll you in their membership/points program. You do often get some of the same benefits, like advance notice of sales. Also, almost every brand I've ever signed up for offers a discount code to new 'signer-uppers' (is that a word?). Of course it's a marketing tactic, but if you're going to buy from them anyway, why not take their discount?

Tip 3

Wait to buy until it's on sale. This is toughie, but let's face it, we don't absolutely have to have every new product the nanosecond it's launched. Whenever I want a spendy product, I'll pop in into my cart and then wait for the annual or semi-annual "Friends & Family" sales. Brands and stores will also often have sales in recognition of holidays, you know, like Valetine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Boxing Day... Arbor Day. Ok, maybe not Arbor Day yet, but I wouldn't put it past them.

Tip 4

Don't buy it just because it's on sale. This is the flip side of tip 3. Once you get geared up for a sale, the momentum can fool with you. You start putting things in your cart that you don't need or even really want. You just figure, what the heck, it's on sale! Dangerous business. One strategy I have is to fulfill the urge by putting everything I see that I even remotely like into my cart, and then I force myself to remove/edit a bunch of things out before buying. Another is to have my list of specific items ready and force myself to stick to just those items.

Tip 5

Don't buy it just because it's inexpensive. There are a lot of great, high quality, low-cost products out there, at the drugstore and online. But it can get a little out of hand. You start throwing things in your cart thinking, what, it's only £5. Yes, but £5 x 20 products is, well, you know...

Tip 6

DON'T BUY BACKUPS. I should have made this tip 1. I have a whole drawer, that's right, a whole drawer full of backups of products I like. Probably that I bought just because they were on sale or in case I ran out after they got discontinued. Really? I had multiple, yes multiple, backups of The Balm's Mary Louminzer. It's a great highlight, but who am I kidding, I'm never gonna hit pan let alone run out, it's huge. Learn from my mistakes, people.


Tip 7

Just don't buy it. This, of course, is the one no one wants to discuss, least of all me. But, if you need encouragement, just check out Kimberly Clark's Anti-Haul series. I ❤ her.

Happy Saving :)

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