How Kate Middleton Can Take Back Her Image

21/09/2012 09:27 BST | Updated 19/11/2012 10:12 GMT

It's not about breasts, it's about power.

We all knew that Duchess Kate was naked beneath her clothes, but now we have proof.

So why does everyone care so much about these naked photos? It's certainly not because we're short on naked pretty people to look at; just go to the Internet and do a quick search and you'll be offered a plethora of naked bodies with much better lighting and art direction to boot (not to mention being taken without a zoom lens!).

Here's what's really at stake--these naked royalty photos are all about us "commoners" feeling the power. Just as much of the tabloids are filled with photos and stories of celebrities falling on their faces in some fashion--it makes us feel temporarily "better" than them.

We feel a sense of power as we point and laugh at the "fall" of the mighty. We get a euphoric "hit" when the pretty people who seem so perfect and untouchable descend to the level of real humans.

All of a sudden, Duchess Kate is not royalty, she is...topless. Putting two and two together: She has do I...that means...well, she's just like me!

Perhaps instead of suing, the royal family should be doing the old PR spin.

Duchess Kate is so approachable and relatable. She's just like you!

Or another possible approach would be to take the power back into her own hands. Instead of having her public image decided by some sneaky photographer, why not flood the market with her own shots thereby destroying any market value of the original photos?

Kate could hire a famous celebrity photographer, the best stylists and directors and shoot some ultra-glamorous topless photos and post them everywhere. No one will care anymore. In fact, the public will say, "No more naked Kate! We've seen enough!"

And then she can return to her castle and we can all go back to Internet searches.