22/08/2016 09:41 BST | Updated 20/08/2017 06:12 BST

Find Spirituality Through Happiness

Sukham, anandam and atmanadam are all Sanskrit words relating to happiness. Translated they mean physical happiness, mental happiness and spiritual happiness. We're going to look at spiritual happiness: trying to find contentment through spirituality.

According to Hinduism the ultimate purpose of any human being is bliss and serenity. This is the primary way we can reach Nirvana (Heaven) and complete peace. If we all strive for this, the world will be a better place for future lives and ourselves. But how do we attain happiness easily when it's difficult to find spirituality?

Ever since I was a teenager, I was always angry or sad about something, which I believe stemmed from my lack of confidence both from an intellectual standpoint and a physical standpoint. In an education facility that prided itself on elite thinking, I always felt like I was at the bottom of every class and while the other girls got all the attention because they were slimmer and 'prettier', I always felt like the outlandish one in the corner of every room. I never really talked about it but mainly found myself crying about it almost every night. It could have just been hormones or a lack of maturity during the teenage years, but I always felt like I was missing something: my sense of self.

As the years continued, leaving university and starting my first job I still felt a little hollow. The anger, sadness and now resentment was beginning to reach its optimum and then something amazing happened. A realisation. Time is a constant that will never change and as we get older things such as superficiality and envy will only make time go by faster. It's when you stop and think about what you truly want and how you really feel and identifying your sense of self, that you suddenly attain a sense of spirituality, a peace. This is what hit me and this is when true happiness materialised and I felt like I was beginning to go through life feeling better and wiser. I now walk into a room feeling confident and happy. I'm not the smartest but I certainly understand that I have a purpose and that my intellect is unique to me. Isn't this what intelligence really is? When you surround yourself with this positive and uplifting attitude and spirit, others around you will adopt the same sentiment and laughter. Happiness surely prevails thereafter. This is the ultimate spirituality through happiness and the best way of living life.

It's not about religion or dogma; it's about purity, confidence and good karma. The more happiness through spirituality and peace that we can spread the more we can make this world a better place. The Indian culture lives of this ideal and even the poorest individual sitting in the slums of Mumbai will have a smile on their face because they understand the sanctity of life, the harmony that spirituality brings and the importance of happiness. We can all learn from this and we should all strive for this!

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