In Praise of Lycra Clad Bottoms

01/08/2012 15:32 BST | Updated 01/10/2012 10:12 BST

One of the best parts of being a slow runner is that when I started taking part in races, I had an abundance of sexy lycra clad bottoms running in front of me. I hasten to add that it is only the male ones that appeal, and I do think that whoever invented lycra leggings for women should be lined up against a wall and shot several times, and then a few times more, just to make sure the pulse has stopped. Sorry, but there cannot be a more unflattering garment on earth for women, in or out of the gym. At 54 I sure ain't revealing my lycra clad butt to the world... Perhaps I am shallow that I care, but so be it!

Anyway, I digress, back to the lovely lycra clad male butts...

I will never forget when I took part in the Marathon des Sables (a 250km stage race across the Sahara) the first year I did.

There were around 600 men at that race, all fit, toned and mostly in lycra...a tremendous incentive to stay behind (excuse the pun) all of them!!

I do suggest lycra to all the guys who sign up for the race I organise, the UVU Jungle Marathon!

Thankfully, the days of lycra seem to have been superseded by compression everything. Well ok, that's a different story. On men, compression anything looks s-e-r-i-u-o-s-l-y sexy, but on women, the compression gear can look really good- and it makes you look about 3 sizes slimmer too - which is no bad thing. I wasn't keen to try compression clothing, but, now that I have, I just love it. In my compression running tights I look a size zero at the maximum. And my butt looks pert, curvy and oh so much younger than its 54 years.

I run in them, I wear them to the supermarket, I walk the dogs in them. In short, I seldom remove them.

So come on girls, even if you are not a runner, at least buy a pair to wear and "pretend". It's the first step to being a runner...

Keep your eye out for the new compression shorts/tights from UVU Performance (, a favourite brand of mine who are making me a bespoke kit for this year's Jungle Marathon. I've tested them in the jungles of Vietnam and I can't wait to try them in Brazil!

Finally, as a special treat, look at these men in all sorts of things tight and sexy from a recent UVU performance photo shoot

Not only are they models, these guys are also runners. Hey, with a bit of careful planning, they could be in front of you at a race!