11/12/2013 12:44 GMT | Updated 10/02/2014 05:59 GMT

I Don't Believe in God... but I Do Believe in Good

I don't believe in God, but I do believe in good. I believe in the good and the bad in human beings who live and breathe in the here and the now, who own their own actions and don't defer their good to a god or their bad to a devil, I believe in being good in this life, not for a past life or for a future one.

I believe that the only way that bad people prevail is when good men and women do nothing, and that our children are our true legacy to the future and I am good with that in my heart my soul and my phoenix spirit.

I am a natural-born phoenix - who instinctively rise from the ashes - who believes in living a good life worth living, in the good and potential good in me, and in you and in the collective us.

I think 'good' kicks bad's arse and I am not remotely ashamed to admit that I like being good and that I aspire to be gooder.

My faith teaches me that there is no God, just an almighty collective human good, it teaches me to embrace all that is good about other people's faith, to support, encourage and nurture that good and work with it... to stand up to bad.

The only way to stop it, is to find a way to tell someone, and that the very best revenge, is to survive and survive well.

I was forced to lick way too many paedophile lollipops when I was a child, to be able to just stand by now and watch them groom my society into unwittingly perpetrating their vile Anti-Victim Prejudice (or AVP) and paedophile propaganda .

Paedophiles are hardwired to exploit human good, and there is nothing in this world that works harder to bring together human good than religion.

For many years now paedophiles have exploited peoples faith/religions to sexually terrorise whole communities and their poor children, whilst keeping a groomed blackmailing foot on the throat of the faith or religion they are exploiting.

When you find out your organisation/company/group/club/faith has been infiltrated by paedophiles you need a full open transparent system cleanse, de-grooming and full on protection from paedophiles lessons - STAT!

The more you engage in the offenders 'secret-keeping' culture the more you prolong the much needed judicial culling/cleanse that must happen for growth and recovery to really set in.

I may not believe in your God but I sincerely respect your faith and your good but I do wish you lot would be a lot more protective/careful about WHO you let act in your God's name. Don't let them use your good to hide their bad anymore.

The fact is that certain faiths are unwittingly helping the paedophiles to destroy their good work, good name and good future by letting these vile toxic beings dry hump their fear and good ethics this way. Time to be brave, stop keeping their secrets, cleanse them from your system and start again, you are completely worth it.

Good bless you.