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Outlaw Anti-Victim Prejudice #AVP

I start most conversation with most people...with them hoping I am lying ...we are the only victims who walk into the police station and have to start by proving we're not pre-assumed liars. Anti- Victim Prejudice or #AVP is when somebody/anybody uses the fact that you are victim of a pedophile crime to prejudicially discriminate against you in any way.

I start most conversation with most people (with them hoping I am lying): "We are the only victims who walk into the police station and have to start by proving we're not pre-assumed liars."

Anti-victim prejudice, or AVP, is when somebody uses the fact that you are victim of a paedophile's crime to prejudicially discriminate against you in any way.

About pedophiles/pedophiles: There is no mystery, no 'hoped for' complicated answers with a scientific cure. Paedophiles do what they do because they want to and because they can, you can never do anything about what people want, but you can do a great deal about what they can do.

I was never a child prostitute, I was a prostituted child and until they understand this, they will never turn this paedophile tide.

Basic AVP history - In the 1970s a group of wealthy powerful paedophiles and their supporters set up and organisation called the Paedophile Information Exchange or PIE.

PIE's main aims were to decriminalise paedophile crimes and make them either a socially acceptable sexual minority, or to have themselves lawfully declared as legitimate 'taxpayer funded' disabled people... and to set up a legitimate political party to institutionally embed their pro-pedophile policies and social protection within the social system.

They were never able to establish a political party in this country (although they have made better ground on this abroad) so instead, back in the 1970s, they groomed and unlawfully embedded themselves through the likes of the Islington Council and were allowed to illegally groom and manipulate judicial and social policy.

Through this unlawful unelected influence, using pro-pedophile propaganda, they were allowed to systemically and institutionally embed their anti-victim prejudice virtually unchallenged throughout the entire UK social and judicial systems.

There were not entirely unchallenged - there was me and few others willing to stand up to them, they were exposed and caught out and then fake disbanded and simply carried on their work behind the closed corridors of power and position. Through this unelected abuse of power and public propaganda, PIE was able to perpetrate many lies about themselves, their crimes and more importantly their child victims. For more on PIE, Google but stick to news sources.

Now whether you agree that AVP came about because of PIE, paedophiles or for some other reason, the fact remains that it exists and is the reason why child protection cannot protect children.

AVP has since been evolved by the blind, the groomed and just plain bloody ignorant.

Anti-victim prejudice is the reason why very small children are not believed or protected and the core reason why adult victims of child sexual abuse won't tell.

As a direct result of this unchallenged systemic, institutionalised AVP victims are now (in 2014) faced with an entire social and judicial systems that unlawfully abuses and prejudicially discriminates against the child/adult victims... and protects the pedophiles.

AVP is the reason why children under the legal age of consent are forced to argue consent in a court of law.

AVP is the reason why the only person in a court case without a legally aided solicitor is the child victim and or adult victim of child sexual abuse.

AVP is the reason why blood-related cousins are not protected by incest laws.

AVP is the reason why the British public can't accept, let alone acknowledge, that there are and always were more male victims than female victims of child sexual abuse.

AVP is the reason why disabled children cannot get protection or justice within a court of law.

AVP is the reason why the public can't accept female pedophiles, let alone describe their sex crimes against children as sex crimes against children, instead claiming they are lesbian affairs with young people and the like.

AVP is the reason why the police can give a self-confessed baby rapist a police caution.

PIE grooming won't ever let us talk about actual victims of actual paedophiles. You can see this grooming for yourselves within the ordinary and social media. You can almost count the seconds into the conversation before:

Every time we talk about victims, they will go on those who lie about being victims.

Every time we talk about paedophiles, they bang on about those who may be falsely accused.

Every time we talk about compensation, they act like we just pooed on the floor.

They never let us just talk about what it's like to be us living in a world that hates and fears and excludes us more than those who abused us.

AVP is the core reason why society cannot secure the proper child protection it needs, it's why victims can't get the justice, treatment or recovery services they need and deserve... and is why paedophiles can often get away with murder, both actually and metaphorically.

Most child victims of child sexual abuse grow up to be taxpaying, voting adult victims of child sexual abuse and our society has no right to exclude us because we are the victims of someone else's crime.

Because of the grooming and the AVP victims can takes years, even decades to tell, more often than not they are groomed to even lie if asked. Paedophiles know this, which is why they are fighting so hard to get a short time limit imposed by law on victim reporting.

This fact also makes a completely mockery of the idea that because the victims have not yet disclosed on the offender, the offender is safe to be with children.

There are all kinds of AVP: Medical, judicial, child protection, social and so on, the problems victims face is that the whole social system and its connected services are institutionally prejudice and systemically discriminate towards those victimised by pedophile crimes.

The moment a victim discloses that they have been sexually abused as children, because of the systemic AVP, they immediately face being accused of being a paedophile and face having their children removed based on this prejudice alone.

The moment victims tell they are forced to engage in an even more AVP prejudice and blind to them psychiatry field (the fist of help) where they are wrongly branded as mentally ill rather than emotionally harmed child victims of a crime and the only treatment available to them is legal addiction to drugs and even more prejudice. Can't imagine WHY they don't want to tell.

The paedophiles have groomed the child protectors and it's systems into calling the child victims maladjusted promiscuous delinquents instead of groomed abused and exploited child victims of adult sex crimes. Can't imagine WHY victims don't want to be called that.

It is wrong to blame the children for the crimes of paedophiles, nobody would agree it was fair to punish the innocent for the crimes of others, but not when it comes to pedophiles crimes... and most people do it and don't even know why they do it.

As a ultimate result of all this, anti-victim prejudice towards those victimised by pedophile crimes is that the child victims are blamed and punished, starved of proper protection, justice or recovery services.... the nation's 'feared and socially excluded' - it is in these socially blind hardcore ignored arenas that the Savile's of this world thrive.

AVP myth examples - All victims of paedophile crimes turn into paedophiles - just not true, furthermore the vast majority of paedophiles openly admit that they lie about being victims to undermine their victims but also for sympathy and or mitigation.

This particular #PIE lie has cause social services to remove thousands of children from innocent paedophile victim parents 'just in case' and victims often find the #PIE phrase 'not destined to be a parent' embedded in their childhood files.

Victims of child sexual abuse are the only victims of crime who are openly ridiculed and publicly lambasted for needing compensation...which is reflected in the actual compensation victims get which hardly touch's the side of the lifelong (expensive) problems they face let alone keep up with ordinary inflation.

#PIE Myth All victims are mad bad or sad substance addicted compensation/attention seeking potential criminals - beyond all help.... the last time it was counted ... it was found that 87% of all victims never go on to commit any kind of crime.

You can go into a room/school/swimming pool full of children (even your own family) anywhere and know that one or two of them may go on to commit crimes but claiming that abuse victims are more likely is not only a direct opposite lie ... it also a deeply derisive AVP lie.

You are right ...if you won't help, support, protect or recover a victim of child physical, sexual and emotional abuse some of them might turn to crime. Duh

#PIE groomed #AVP speak ... #PIE rebranded a lot of people ordinary speak to perpetrate their Anti-Victim Prejudice propaganda.

#PIE Paedophiles rebranded prostituted children as child prostitutes, Lolita's and Rentboys to give the false impression of intent and consent by a child unable by law to ever give it, to undermine child protection and justice and to make the crime scene photographs easier to sell.

#PIE Paedophiles rebranded serious 'unsolved crimes' against children 'historical' to give the child protectors and the pubic a false sense of distance and safety, when the direct opposite is true.

#PIE Paedophiles rebranded any legitimate investigation into their crimes as 'witch-hunts'.

#PIE Paedophiles/*Hebophiles rebranded their sex crimes against male children as homosexual, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Homosexuals love same sex consenting adults and have deeply and unjustly abused and socially discriminated against by religious bigots for decades, child rapists have used this unjust prejudice to silence victims and hide their crimes against children.

*Hebophiles are mostly heterosexual males often married with children who have a predilection for pre-pubescent male children.

#PIE Pedophiles rebranded child abuse images as 'child porn' to undermine the crime against the child and their justice ... and to give some false sense of legitimate commerciality.

We want Anti-Victim Prejudice outlawed ...we want it taken/voted out of our social and judicial systems so that children can really be put first in child protection.

We want legally aided solicitors to protect the child/adult victims of child sexual abuse legal and human rights through an #AVP system.

We want mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse.

NO time limits on disclosing child sexual abuse - any time limit shows a complete lack of knowledge or understanding of pedophile grooming of child victims and is deeply Anti-Victim Prejudice.

We want 'victims rights' enshrined in law.

Pedophile is not race religion or culture specific, they're all at it and they all have to stop it no matter poxy excuses they use.

By law, no child protection service can put the child before the insurance company policies. When child protection only protects the child protectors have done something AVP wrong...undo and start again.

What we need is for every parent ...every Ex-child and every victim who can ... to speak to/write to their MP's about Anti-Victim Prejudice and ask them to acknowledge AVP ...and help the victims outlaw it.

The only way that bad people when good men and women do nothing. Shy Keenan

Anti-Victim Prejudice By Shy Keenan - first published in 2006 updated in 2014