11/01/2013 04:36 GMT | Updated 12/03/2013 05:12 GMT

Five Mind-Blowing Travel Apps for 2013

People across the world are relying more and more on smartphones to get through their daily lives and stay connected to the world. But as smartphone technology has improved, so too have the apps that make the phones so exciting.

For people that love to travel, whether for work or pleasure, here are 5 of the latest and greatest apps that will ensure you get more out of your travels.

HotelClub - Amazing Hotels at Amazing Prices

Ideal for: Frequent travellers, both leisure and business, who want variety and bargains.

Cost of app: 100% Free

Finding a decent place to stay whilst travelling can be a tiresome and time consuming procedure. But the technology of 2013 will make it easier, not only to find variety, but also to find it quicker and easier. HotelClub's new app is a modern classic in the world of travel apps and proves that simplicity is still king when it comes to user-friendliness. Using your iPhone, this app allows you to filter through thousands of hotels all over the globe and find exactly what you are looking for, no matter what your budget is. HotelClub also run an increasingly popular scheme which rewards customers with money off bookings. The more you book with them, the more you save.

JetLag Genie - Science Vs Nature

Ideal for: Business travellers that need to be on form at international meetings. It's also good for people travelling long distances on a regular basis.

Cost of app: 100% Free

We've all tried popping sleeping pills and sleeping on planes, but Jetlag always seems to win. But the technology of 2013 is about to change that. This cushty little app from JetLag Genie helps your body's internal clock to merge gradually from your current location to your with intended destination, before you even get on a plane. It does this by telling you when to take a dose of melatonin and wake up, and also when to shut out the light and hit the hay. This isn't impossible to work out without the app, but when you're tired, dazed and confused, it can be a little tricky.

iTranslate - One App, 100s of Languages

Ideal for: Travellers who like to make the effort to speak the local language

Cost of app: 100% Free

Anyone who has done a multi-country trip will know how impractical it is to pack more than one dictionary. But now we can simply use this reliable little app that is jam packed with more languages that you knew existed. The best thing about iTranslate is that, not only does it give you multiple ways to say what you want to say, it also reads it out loud to you so you can hear the pronunciation. Which let's face it, is as important as using the right word when it comes to actually being understood.

Convert Pad - Every Penny Counts

Ideal for: Budget travellers that need to keep a close eye on their spending

Cost of app: 100% Free

Currency rates change so fast these days that it can be hard to keep up, especially when you're on the road. This simple little app makes it possible to make quick calculations and make sure you aren't getting ripped off by the locals. Convert Pad also helps convert weight and distance measurements, which is useful for those that haven't quite grasped the metric system yet.

Word Lens - Any Sign, Anywhere

Ideal for: Travellers who find themselves surrounded by foreign languages

Cost of app: Free to try, £6.99 to buy

World Lens set the bar with its sci-fi-type technology. There's no doubt that the app makes all the others similar to it look antiquated. All you do is snap a photo of any text or sign and World Lens translates it to a language of your choice. You can take a picture of an Indonesian sign and have it translated into English within seconds. It's as if the developers included a magician built into the app.