18/12/2015 05:43 GMT | Updated 17/12/2016 05:12 GMT

Get Knitted Out for Christmas Day

It's one of my favourite days of the years, probably more fun than my Birthday, although not quite as good as Christmas.

I'm of course referring to Christmas jumper day (Friday 18 December), incase you've just woken up from a ten year sleep!

And if you are one of the naysayers - then just look at #ChristmasJumperDay on every social media platform, to see what you're missing out on!


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My work colleagues will reluctantly be donning their best Primark jumpers with Santa on, worried that their cheap flammable material might go up in flames if they laugh too hard. The young ones in the office will of course find it 'great fun', and as a Mum I have no choice but to partake in it because you're expected to love all things cheesy once you breed.

But unusually, I don't mind. Because there's something fun about Christmas Jumper Day, that always brings a smile to my face. It's the one day of the year that unites Lesley in accounts, Siad my local Dry Cleaner and even my Mother - as we come together to show a bit of personality and unite in this random act of comedy. I expect Crystal my cleaner will even wear her Polish version of it - so far reaching is the trend.

And I'm delighted that in recent years it has started to do some good too, with fundraising for Text Santa and Save the Children too.

It's of course great that the whole family can get involved too, with jumpers available for little ones (my favourites here) and older ones alike. But beneath the polyester there's a message - and that's reminding us that Christmas is a special time of year, a time of coming together, a time of unity.

And now that I'm a parent, no doubt Christmas has changed forever.

I'll be holding back the tears watching the Queens' Speech as footage of our brave troops spending Christmas away from their families comes on. Never have I appreciated them more.

Christmas gifts such as handbags, jewelry and chocolates have been replaced with practical items such as a new baby carrier, Maxi-Cosi car seat and playpen - yes for me of course, Baby Boo gets a whole set of toys, books and fun!

In a total role reversal, I'm now the one looking after my family cooking a full on turkey spread, and rockin' around the Christmas tree to bad songs I probably don't enjoy, but will find entertaining purely for the benefit of the little one.

We'll be watching the entire Disney collection of movies, including 101 Dalmatians, which even though I've seen a thousand times, will be more exciting than ever with someone new to show it to.

And, this year, I'll definitely be going easy on the gin, knowing how terrible hangovers with a baby are. And then of course, just when you think it's all over - we'll be doing our first family road trip - the days of drinks in Clapham with friends, now replaced by tea with relatives 300 miles away.

But throughout it all, I will be donning my Christmas jumper with pride, as will my entire family - and it will remind us of how lucky we are, and to give thanks for what we have.

Don't forget to wear your Christmas Jumper on Friday 18 December.

Happy Christmas one and all!

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