Princess Diana - The Style Icon Of A Generation

Princess Diana - The Style Icon Of A Generation

If you watched Diana our Mother on TV on Monday, you too may be dehydrated from the overwhelming shedding of tears.

The beautifully told story from her sons The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry resonated with every Mother achingly watching.

Playful in her style and nature, William and Harry remembered how Princess Diana would stuff their sports clothes with sweets, take them on adventurous days out and offer advice such as "Be naughty, just don't get caught".

Her undeniable charm reflected in everything she did and said, including her unforgettable wardrobe.

One thing we of course always knew, is that Diana was a style icon. Looking back at Mario Testino's now iconic photos of her hands invitingly playing with her cropped hair, is one of the most memorable images of the People's Princess. Cheeky, funny, attractive and honest - it spoke of everything she represented.

From that long black fishtail dress she wore dancing with John Travlota, to green sparkling numbers that were reminiscent of Quality Street, and royal blue, which she wore better than any royal - she was always immaculately turned out. And her personality proudly shone through everything she wore.

Her style was classic yet modern, flirty yet flattering, risqué and ravishing. Fair dues - the woman could rock a hemline and neckline like no other, with her perfectly curvaceous figure.

A bit of leg here, a low-cut dress there - these mild acts of rebellion attracted us to her caviller attitude, modernising the monarchy one Louboutin at a time.

Fast forward to 2017, and the Duchess of Cambridge has filled our Diana shaped void. We first came to know her through her preppy style, all the hallmarks of pomp and privilege. The girl-next-door in Hunter wellies, a wax jacket and glossy beautiful locks that showed her inner goddess. We expected good things to come.

Indeed K-Middy/Kate/the Duchess of Cambridge is the epitome of beauty, but alas she's no Diana. And here's why - she's allowed her style to succumb to the pressures of being a Mum, or a royal, or just a royal Mum.

It can't be easy being in the media spotlight, acting as an ambassador to our country, representing England's modern monarchy, all the while keeping the powers that be happy.

There's no denying how naturally beautiful our dear Kate is. She stuns in McQueen dresses and champions British designers such as Erdem. Her gorgeous smile captured in print by none other than family friend Mario Testino. Diana would absolutely be proud. But she'd also be egging her on to let loose, just a little...

I must say though, her far-too-thin waist pains me and I miss her sexy locks, now home to regal bounces of a much more mature woman. Kate's style has changed as she's grown, it's very safe, very classy, perhaps just a bit too perfect?

I've always loved the expression the 'diamond in the rough' it perfectly sums up what Diana meant to so many of us. An accessible gem with the strongest sparkle, that coincidently rhymes with Markle, but that's a whole other article!

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