17/05/2017 13:14 BST | Updated 17/05/2017 13:14 BST

Squad Goals: Keeping The 'Womance' Alive

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It's 6pm on a Friday and the weekend has begun. But I'm avoiding texts from my girlfriends who I'm supposed to be meeting for a drink. I'm still at home waiting for my husband to return so we can exchange our baby like a dodgy brown package, and I can have my night out.

Except, I've been up since 5am, I look like a Chuckie doll and I'm covered in a heady mix of ketchup, bogeys and ice-cream. So yet another night out with my friends passes me by...

Read any women's blog, magazine or article and you'll see a trillion features about keeping the romance alive when baby comes along to destroy it! But what about the empowering articles about keeping the 'womance' alive? Yeah I said 'womance'. You know, like 'bromance', but just for the girls!

You remember - the life you had before children, men and motherhood!? The nights out with the girls, your BFFs, the people you grew up with, threw up with and partied hard with? Yeah them.

So I'm going to say this out loud - 'My name is Sophia and I've neglected my friends since being a mum'. There, said it.

But I guess in order to put my friends first, I'm going to have to put me first too. And that's pretty hard when your life these days is about serving your child on speed dial!

But I'm not alone. I recently put it out to the Twittersphere asking mums: "Since having children would you say that your friendships have suffered so you don't see the girls as much?" and an overwhelming majority of 79% said yes (34 people polled).


I discussed this with Abi, the millennial who sits opposite me at work, who has no concept of sacrificing time since she's 21 and single (and I'm not jealous at all)!

Refreshingly, Abi told me that it was time I made some 'Squad Goals'. I presume this is something she's borrowed from Taylor Swift, but let's go with it.

Squad goals, are what us Gen-Xs would call 'ambitions'. It's a simple concept really, but often they work the best.

So here today I pledge that my 'Squad Goal' for 2017 is to make more time for others. To not feel guilty for pampering myself (and by pampering I mean essential maintenance of waxing, dying my roots and getting my eyebrows done!) and above all, for making time to see the people I love - my friends who got me to where I am.

It's an ambitious target, but I plan to do something special with the girls at least once a month.

It might be getting our nails done (two birds one stone), or knocking back a bottle of Prosecco in the local boozer, or the underrated luxury of just going to the cinema. But I will do it.

Starting as I mean to go on, I've just booked tickets to 'The Big London Bake' in Tooting this weekend, to challenge Abi to a cake baking contest. What she has in youth, I make up for in culinary skills. Oh yeah, bring it on!

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