05/08/2015 12:20 BST | Updated 03/08/2016 06:59 BST

The September Baby Advantage

As we quickly approach September, I'm looking forward to meeting the offspring of three of my friends. It may be a coincidence that they are all due at the same time, or it could be perfect planning on their behalf...

One of my favourite authors Malcolm Gladwell suggests that babies born at the start of the school year (September in England, January in USA), tend to do better at school, namely sport. The theory - since they are older, they are bigger, and they are naturally picked for sports teams. It would make sense. It would also explain why I, and August child, absolutely hate exercise!

As the Editor of a parenting blog, I occasionally get asked is there ever a good month to be born? I got researching, here's what I found...


The benefit here is for Mum - start your maternity leave at Christmas, then hibernate in the cold months with summer to look forward to. In USA, January babies are more likely to make the sports teams. Born this month - Oprah Winfrey


This is the month everyone starts to socialise and start drinking again. So, February birthday celebrations will probably be very well attended. As an added bonus, people born in this month are most likely to go on to become artists. Born this month - Harry Styles


Being born slap bang in the middle of the school year, means you're never the youngest or oldest in your year group. Well, it's something! Born this month - Albert Einstein


Well, there's Easter, so along with the chance to eat lots of Easter eggs, you'll also get a few extra days off to celebrate this month.

Born this month - Al Pacino


According to research, May babies suffer less with common diseases. It is also the UK month with the most Bank Holidays, which is never a bad thing. A survey by Psychologists Jayanti Chotai and Richard Wiseman found that people born this month considered themselves the 'luckiest' of all months. Born this month - Mark Zuckerberg


The official start of summer - everyone's in a good mood. Plus, with it being the middle of the year, you're least likely to suffer from a dual birthday/Christmas present. Interestingly, more Nobel Peace Prize winners are born this month...

Born this month - Marilyn Monroe


There's lots to be happy about in July. The school term ends this month putting everyone in a good mood. It's also the warmest month of the year (along with August), so you're best placed for having an outdoor party. Born this month - Perrie Edwards


For all the downsides of being the youngest, there are a few upsides of being an August baby. First of all, you'll never be at School for your birthday. Secondly, it's one of the warmest months, meaning you'll be able to celebrate with an outdoor party! Born this month - Andy Warhol


September children (in the UK) have the distinct advantage of being the oldest in their class, and therefore more likely to perform better at school, and do better at sport. Born this month - Beyonce


Research found that October born babies had a 30% more chance of going to Oxford and Cambridge than their July counterparts. Also did someone say joint Halloween party?!

Celebrity born this month - Kim Kardashian


Queen Mary's college, London found that babies born this month are less likely to develop immune diseases such as MS, due to the Vitamin D exposure in the womb. If you're in USA, you'll have the bonus celebration of Thanksgiving this month too. Born this month - Tinie Tempah


While it may seem a downside to have your birthday so close to Christmas, it's party season, so when you get older - there will be no shortage of people around ready to drink and celebrate with you. Born this month - Taylor Swift

What do you think? Are you an August baby like me, but used it to your advantage, or are you a September child that agrees it's beneficial? Come share your feedback with the Sophia, editor of the Milk Drunk Diary on Twitter @Milkdrunkdiary or or our blog here.

Happy Birthday!