25/07/2016 07:23 BST | Updated 21/07/2017 06:12 BST

Top Ten Jens!

It's the classic name that's always in fashion. And whether it's JLo, Jenny, Jennifer or just Jen - we can't get enough of them!

It means "white shadow or white wave" (Nameberry), and remains a favourite name by parents of all generations. So inspired by our favourite Jennifer of them all (Aniston), we've put together our list of Top Ten Jen's for today, tomorrow and all days...


1. Jennifer Aniston

Everyone's favourite sweetheart. Jennifer 'The Hair' Aniston, first came to our lives in the hit show 'Friends'. She's since gone on to do a couple of questionable films, married the world's hottest man, divorced the world's hottest man, married again and gone on to be the face of natural and beauty products across the world. If we had to pick a 'Team Jen', we'd always be in yours!

2. Jennifer Lopez (aka JLo)

Jennifer Lopez, aka Jenny from the block, aka JLo is best known for her catchy latino tunes and high profile celebrity relationships. However, we'll always love her for 'carpool karaoke' with James Corden, go and watch it if you haven't.

3. Jennifer Lawrence

Or 'JLaw' as only the media calls her, is Hollywood's hottest property. Beautiful, talented and still only 25 years old, you can be forgiven for having a #girlcrush on this star.

4. Jenna Jameson

The world's most famous porn star, might be a familiar name in America, but it wasn't until she appeared in Celebrity Big Brother that Jenna made UK headlines. She' made over 187 adult films (Wikipedia) and 'brand jameson' is still going strong.

5. Jenny McCarthy

Model, TV host and all-round loveable goofball, there's something about Jenny M. And here's a bit of trivia, she likes funnymen - once married to Jim Carey.

6. Jennifer Hudson

In our long list of Jennifer's, there's one that's known as 'the voice' - we give you Amercian Idol's Jennifer Hudson. As well as her stunning vocals, Jennifer has been well documented for her amazing weight loss, losing an estimated 80 pounds on Weight Watchers - you go girl (Wikipedia).

7. Jennifer Love-Hewitt

Hollywood Heroine Jennifer Love-Hewitt has an impressive list of films to her name, including our favourite 'I know what you did last summer'. Her motto, as shared on her official fans instagram is 'Breath in and be in the moment', yes Jen, we hear ya!

8. Jennifer Saunders

A stalwart in British comedy, Jennifer Saunders is one of the most-loved comediennes, who will always be known as one half of 'French and Saunders'. If you think she's not relevant, think again - she features in the new 'Absolutely Fabulous' film reprising her role as Edina.

9. Jenna Bush

The all-round American, Jenna Bush happens to have a famous Father. Nonetheless, she's carved out a career for herself as a teacher, author and journalist, and for that we applaud her.

10. Jennifer Grey

In a nostalgic throwback to the 80s, we couldn't complete the list without Jennifer Grey, it would be as bad as putting baby in the corner! In the 80s Jennifer rules, in hits including 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' and of course 'Dirty Dancing'. We wish she would make a comeback, here's hoping she's reading this list!

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